Makeup Product Review: LORAC Black Multiplex 3D Lashes Mascara


LORAC Multiplex 3D Lashes Mascara

Product Description:

LORAC describes their 3D Lashes Mascara $22 as: "Take your lashes from 1-Dimensional to 3-Dimensional. This buildable, smudge-resistant and multidimensional mascara contains Silk and Keratin, which help to nourish and condition your lashes. With a Professional curved brush that easily grabs, lifts and curls for maximum coverage and length. Multiplex 3D Lashes is a volumizing mascara and thickening mascara that instantly delivers up to 3X the volume for a dramatic lash look. This is one of the best mascaras when creating that smokey eye makeup look!

What I Love:

- Very black in color

- The curved brush makes it simple to coat each lash from inner corner to outer corner.

- Small enough brush to coat the lower lashes without smudging everywhere

-The product doesn't clump on the lashes as it's applied

- Great at lengthening my short lashes without making my eyes feel uncomfortable. It's good to know that they are made up of ingredients that treat my lashes as it's worn instead of destroying them. 

Things I Don't Love:

- I don't see it building much volume or doing any thickening, in my opinion all it really does is add length.I feel like this is a great every day mascara but I would probably choose to use one that builds more volume and thickness for a smokey eye look to wear for a night out.

-The thin plastic brush is just a little too flimsy compared to some of my favorite mascara wands but still manageable.

On My Lashes

Overall: I like this mascara for use with a more natural look. It does lengthen my lashes like no other product I have ever owned as well as coating them in really black color from root to tip so in general this is a pretty great product but I'm not sure that I would need to repurchase as I have so many great mascaras in my collection that do the job I need for much less money.

Do you own any LORAC products? What is your favorite mascara for lengthening? Feel free to recommend your favorites in the comments below I love to hear from my readers!

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