Makeup Product Review: E.L.F Studio Flawless Finish Foundation


Product Description:

What ELF says about their Studio Flawless Finish Foundation $6.00: "Achieve a flawless complexion with this silky smooth foundation. The lightweight and oil-free formula blends in naturally for a beautiful semi-matte finish. This liquid foundation applies easily and lasts all day for visibly brighter and radiant looking skin. Using our Flawless Finish Foundation not only restores uneven skin textures and tones, but most importantly, the SPF 15 protects your skin against harmful sun damage"

I have tried many ELF products and have found that some are very good and some are just ok. The prices though cannot be beat. 

It's been a while since I mentioned a foundation product. That's probably because when I find a foundation I really like I usually stick to it. The two I gravitate to the most are the Revlon colorstay liquid foundation and the mac face and body foundation depending what kind of coverage and look I'm going for. With all the new foundations on the market right now I've had to try some for myself mostly out of curiosity. Looking for a new foundation can be an intimidating task especially when you walk into the drugstore and see walls lined with bottles and bottles all claiming to give you flawless skin with a youthful glowing appearance so I'm hoping I can help with that in doing these reviews. 
This one from eyeslipsface is actually an oldie for me. I purchased it and tried it when it was very first released in fact. At first I didn't really like it and put it away. Recently I pulled it back out again and here's what I think of it:
What I Love:
 -Offers a medium to full coverage and blends into the skin beautifully, evening out the skin tone but is still pretty light and comfortable for wear.  
- Has a nice dewy finish without being greasy, or unnaturally oily and shiny looking. 
- Has a very slight but pleasant scent that disappears pretty quickly after application and therefore shouldn't be too bothersome.  
-Budget Friendly: As with everything else ELF it is very affordable at $6 and can be purchased at and some Target stores.
-Contains SPF 15 which is very important for being outdoors at all.
-Comes with a very convenient pump dispenser which is so much easier to use then having to turn the product out onto your hand- wastely. It is also small and sleek which makes it easy to store and travel with.
-Has a decent amount of product .08 oz- a little less then standard meaning the product won't run out too quickly.
What I Don't Love:
-Lasts alright after being set with a powder- I would say 6-8 hours at the most on normal/combination skin types which is not fantastic compared to some of my go to foundations which give 24 hours easy. I wouldn't recommend it for oily or sensitive skin types either as it most likely won't last and although it is oil free could still cause minor breakouts.   
-This foundation is a part of a very small shade range- only 6 in total. Although that makes choosing one easier there definitely isn't a color to match all the different skin tones and undertones. "Porcelain" is the closest match for me. Also, be aware that the colors shown on the website are not accurate to what they truly are.
-It dries really fast which makes application a little difficult. I like to do it in portions starting at the center of the face and working outwards using a sponge to blend it quickly and smoothly. 
- The outer packaging is a heavy glass and many of them come with broken pumps which kind of defeats the purpose.
-Doesn't photograph so beautifully so would be most likely be better for every day wear and wouldn't be so great worn at special occasions or nights out where photos are likely to be taken.
It's a pretty good foundation for every day wear and would be perfect for more of a tight budget. Compared to some of my favorite more affordable ones though it's just alright and I'd definitely reach for those first.
Have you tried E.L.F products? Particularly this one? What do you think of them/it? Please let me know in the comments below. I love to hear from my readers!

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