Beauty Tip of The Week: Ingredients and Products for Acne Prevention & Treatment:

In my last beauty tip I talked about different sorts of acne, many of the main causes and some quick fixes. Honestly I have to admit I am pretty lucky when it comes to skin and I don't often get major acne. When I do get the rare spot I know exactly how to take care of it mostly from trying different ingredients and products and seeing what worked well for me. In this post I want to talk about prevention and treatment.  If you are having any major troubles with your skin then I would recommend going to see a dermatologist as I am no professional. A dermatologist can look at your skin and do specific tests to see what's going on as well as prescribe you with stronger medications that aren't available over the counter.

Prevention & Treatment Products:

Here are few specific ingredients to be looking out for when shopping for new products to manage your specific breakouts as well as prevent them from coming back as harshly and as often. Also listed are some products that I prefer for handling breakouts since they contain those ingredients and work well in most cases. Keep in mind that every one's skin may respond differently to various products so what works for you may not work at all for another and what works for them may not work for you. Try to stick to one over the counter product at a time to see what is most effective for you. Over-cleansing the skin could cause other skin issues. If none of those do the job then it's time to see a dermatologist who can recommend a good mixture of some of these ingredients in a product customized specifically to your needs as well as perhaps giving you a higher dose of these ingredients to be even more effective. 

A) Salicylic Acid: Salicylic Acid originates from willow trees and the pain reliever Aspirin is made of it as well. It is one of the most popular ingredients used since it works so well in ridding of all acne. As soon as it's applied it penetrates the pores cleaning out and breaking up any clusters of dead skin cells which tend to clog the oil glands causing breakouts. At the same time it gives the pores a really deep cleanse/exfoliation thus doing the best job possible. The great thing is that so many products can be found at the drugstore or at a makeup counter that have the active ingredient salicylic acid in them. Look for products that contain at least 2% of this active ingredient. The Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleanser is the perfect example if you are interested in trying something with salicylic acid. 

B) Benzoyl Peroxide- Benzoyl peroxide acts as a peeling agent essentially. It really dries the skin out which is what makes the acne dissipate so quickly and at the same time it increases the cell turnover significantly. It is very effective in treating acne so use a product that has at least 2% of this ingredient in it. You should notice a pretty quick difference once using this ingredient.  The Clean and Clean Continuous Control Acne Cleanser has 10% benzoyl peroxide in it's active ingredient list.   It is a product that I actually have at home right now and use in my own skin care routine. I have really found it to work quick and effectively 

C) Sulfuric Acid: Sulfuric Acid is not as popular a method as it is extremely drying.  Because it has that characteristic it works wonderfully at sucking out any moisture or bacteria in the specific problem area and drying it right out. This ingredient is usually used as a spot treatment for very inflamed red and uncomfortable blemishes. Kate Sommervile Eradikate Acne Treatment is a good one and it contains 10% sulfuric acid. 


D) Retinal and Retin-A - Both of these ingredients are very effective as peeling agents. Not only are they great for treating acne but also for aging skin-wrinkles, fine lines and sagging or skin that's been over exposed to the sun. A very light dose of retinal or Retin-A which contain vitamin-a is just good enough. These ingredients help promote cell turnover at a rapid rate when applied to the skin at night before going to sleep. These ingredients also aid in speeding up the natural process of exfoliation of the skin which normally can take up to 30 days. Over time you will look more radiant and you will find less breakouts when using this ingredient. Keep in mind Retinals can be found over the counter but Retin- A needs to be prescribed by a doctor in most cases. Either way they do a similar job. ROC Retionol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream is a great example. 

E) Glycolic Acid- Glycolic acid is a part of the alpha hydroxy family and is derived from sugar crops.  It is very similar to both benzoyl peroxide and retinals in what it does. It is also a peeling agent but I feel like it gives a nice luminous healthy look to the skin that other ingredients may not.  It's great for hyper-pigmentation and clogged or enlarged pores too. Look for 2-5% of this ingredient in products you purchase. It is a pretty intense peeling agent so be sure to use a high SPF sunscreen when using this item. Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid Facial Wash with 3% Glycolic acid in it is a good one. 

Other easy steps to take in keeping acne at bay is a) deep clean the pores weekly with a clay mask- I like to treat myself to some sort of at home spa night once a week either way and this is a great addition to that. I like the ones by Freeman since they smell delicious, feel good on the skin and do a fantastic job. b) If your skin tends to get very oily during the day then it's best to keep blotting papers with you at all times whether in your handbag or medicine cabinet. They can be used to press on shiny skin and soak up excess oil production and stop acne before it even shows up.

Those are some of the ingredients and products that I'd recommend to start with in treating and preventing your acne. Hopefully I was able to inform you in the best way possible to help you clear up those pesky breakouts. 

Do you have some products that work well for you in clearing up acne breakouts? Please share in the comments below to help out me and others who will surely appreciate the information and opinion! I love to hear from you!

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