Beauty Tip of the Week: Common Types of Acne, Causes & Quick Fixes

Skin is the blank canvas of beauty so before you do anything you will want to make sure it is as healthy and clear as possible. The right skin care ingredients can coax your complexion from dull to luminous, rough to smooth and blemished to practically flawless. To learn more about how to pinpoint what skin type you have and how to take the best care of it head over to this previous post where I discussed that in great detail.
Now let's talk about acne. Acne is no fun for anyone. Armed with some basic knowledge and the right treatment products you can keep breakouts at bay with ease. You would be surprised how many young adults and grown ups have concerns in this area. I am not a proffessional in the skin care department & if you are suffering with acne then I would highly reccomend going to a dermatologist with those concerns. These proffessionals can look at you and determine any individual problems with the help of blood tests and hormone level checks etc. I can still give you some info as well as tips that I've learnt from the causes of acne to treatments for prevention.
This weeks beauty tip will be all about about the different types of acne and their causes and in the next one I will talk about the best forms of treatment for prevention so check back for that soon.


There are 3 Specific Types of Acne:

A) Comedenal: Comedones are clogged pores caused by excess sebum oil mixed with dead skin cells creating a thick sticky substance. An open comedone is a black head and looks like a large black pore. That black isn't dirt, it's the color that the hardened sebum turns as it oxidizes in the open air. A closed comedone is a whitehead- it has skin growing over it's opening and looks like a small white bump. Black and white heads can be caused by makeup and hair care products used that contain oil or by excessive sweating in humiditiy.

B) Papular: This is the most common form of acne which is characterized with pimples that are painful and are pink or red inflamed bumps. They develop when a clogged pore gets infected with bacteria. Stress or hormonal fluctuations all increase the chances of infection as they spur the body to produce more oil, which attracts bacteria. Bacteria is easily spread with your hands, makeup brushes or even a cell phone so sanitizing these items is extremely crucial.

C) Cystic: Perhaps the worst form of acne which manifests itself as large inflamed bumps arranged in clusters- these easily scar. It is unfortunately usually genetic and is found in people with hyperactive sebaceous glands that pump too much oil into the skin constantly. It can also be caused by abnormal skin cells that don't turn over fast enough and a highly developed inflammatory response that causes such severe infections that pimples can leave permanent pocket marks on the skin.
Different parts of the face may breakout for different reasons:

Forehead- if you commonly find breakouts on the forehead it could be caused by a) dehydration b) that you are allergic to a product that you are using in your hair c) your hair isn't cleaned often enough and you have bangs that sit on your forehead so the oil from the hair sinks into the skin. Stay plenty hydrated and be aware of new products that may be irritating your skin as well as wash your hair at least every other day.

Nose- if you notice that the nose area breaks out the most  it is usually a result of enlarged pores on nose area. Exfoliating and cleansing really well can help with that.
Cheeks- breaking outs in the chin area are usually caused by a) a food or product allergy b) from not properly disinfecting your phone or any other items that get pressed up against your face c) touching your face or leaning on your hands alot during the day. Be aware of new products that you may have eaten/used, make sure to keep anything that touches your face sanitized-your phone, hands etc. and try not to lean against your hands too often.

Chin- Breakouts on the chin area are most commnonly related with hormone imbalance or hormone levels being a little spiked.

Check back next week. My post will inlcude some great treatments ideas as well as prevention techniques and products I reccomend.
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