5 Random Things: What I've Been Up To Lately

Once In a while I like to veer from the regular topics I constantly discuss here on the blog: beauty, cooking, fashion and whatever else I may be fancying at the moment. Today I am going to talk about some of my own little personal updates. Here are 5 things that I've been busy with lately with some iphone pics.


1) I rescued this little kitten towards the end of last week- growing up I'd always been taught to love and care for all animals and surely not be afraid of them excluding wild bears, lions, tigers and rabid squirrels of course! hehe. So I've always loved being around all sorts of animals and  friendly pets ecspecially baby ones- they are just adorable! To make a long story short, I noticed a little kitten hanging around my neighborhood the other day. It seemed to really like sitting on my neighbors driveway- not a very good place for a small animal. I didn't see it's mother hanging around but it seemed to be getting along fine on it's own. The next morning as I waited for my sons bus I saw it again but this time it was sitting in a puddle of cold water shivering in the autumn wind. It seems as though someone was not very fond of it and had hosed it down- not a very nice thing to do mind you. I knew I had to do something or this little creature would not last the night. So I took it and put it in a large box with a warm towel, some milk and cat food. It curled up first thing and went straight to sleep. I cannot actually keep pets where I live and I'm not sure that I'd want the responsibility for ones care either way. I did have to be pretty wary with this one as animals that are out in the wild can contract all sorts of things- fleas, worms, rabies etc! Luckily my brother who is 2 years younger then me is amazing at taking care of animals and already has a few animals of his own. I asked him if he would take this one, get it fixed up and find it a home and he said that he would. I was thrilled. An hour later he was there to pick her up- the poor thing was so sick with a terrible cold sneezing and wheezing. He took it home with him and she's doing far better already! Sh'es been named Kiwi as she's small and fuzzy. Can't wait to see her again when I'm there for a visit!

2) I've started working out at the gym to tone up-after talking about it for so long I've finally signed up to a gym and have been spending about an hour there every chance I get, working on toning up which means I am so sore and tired most of the time but I feel the best I ever have. Along with that I am trying to get back to dieting a little to get the best results possible. I took it a little easy last week but I hope to double these numbers quickly!

3) I've been Planning a birthday party for my almost 3 year old- it is jewish custom to let a boys hair grow out until he is 3 and then have a hair cutting ceremony with family on his 3rd birthday this is called his Upsherin. My son will be 3 in January and there is alot more involved in an Upsherin as well as cutting the hair so it's a big job. Some people make a small get together in the home with immediate family. As our immediate familys combined are quite large we have decided to just go all out and make a nice event for close family and friends. Quite a bit of planning is involved and as to keep relaxed and not leave everything to the last minute I have begun the arrangements already and I've been quite busy with it. I am so looking forward to this party!

4) I finally taught my son to ride his bike- Besides for the ever challenging feat of trying to get him toilet trained I've been working on reaching one goal with my son before winter arrives and that is teaching him to ride his bike. We purchased his first bike in the summer time and have ever since been taking him out to try and get a hang of it. I never thought he'd figure it out so quickly! It's just been a few weeks and as of yesterday he has learnt to pedal! It'll be a while before the training wheels come off but this is huge and we are so proud! 


5) I did the makeup at a photo shoot in the park- Over the weekend I spent some time working on a photo shoot applying the makeup on a beautiful model. Both the photographer and model were so lovely to work with and I had a fantastic time. I will try to get some photos up towards the end of the week so I can share it with you. The best part about the location was the scenery! Fall's foliage is just breathtaking!

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