Recipe: Fluffy Strawberry Mousse from SortedFood

When it comes to my Shabbos menu planning every week I pretty much repeat the basics keeping it as simple as possible- challah, dips, fish, kugel, soup and salads (that is if I'm not having any guests over). The one thing that I challenge myself to do and really have fun with is preparing a fancy desert (no batch or cookies or cake will do). Getting those meticulous details really perfect can sometimes take a lot of time and effort. As I look through pinterest, magazines, youtube cooking channels, cookbooks and all other places I derive my cooking and baking inspiration from I usually find a desert that looks unbelievable and my first thought is " I could never prepare a masterpiece as good as that" and that is when I know it is the desert for me. I learn new things in my cooking and baking every single time I partake in a new adventure. It took me some time but I finally  feel like no recipe is too big for me anymore and I can try it all.  No, they don't always come out looking the way I expected or the way the professionals prepared them but the main thing is that I put the effort in and when one does taste delicious and is almost completely perfect then it was all worth it and that for me is a big success. 

This is the strawberry mousse desert recipe that I prepared for a weekend treat last week. 

Very recently I discovered the sortedfood channel on youtube.  Who is SortedFood? They are 4-5 really quirky English guys who prepare some of the most amazing dishes from main dishes to side dishes, appetizers and deserts. They are really inspiring in the way they built themselves up in their cooking and have actually just released a cookbook. I have tried many of their recipes ever since realizing their channel  and found them to be easy to follow and pretty spot on. Not only are they showing you how to do it on video but you can read the recipe form on their website and follow it from there. This Strawberry Mousse deset is actually one of the older recipes of their file and I have to say it was absolutely divine. I will post the links to both the youtube video and the recipe on the website below so that you too can enjoy it! 

Also just a little side tip: this recipe does call for dairy ingredients but you can easily use non dairy whipping cream etc. tweaking it to suit you shouldn't be too difficult.

Do you enjoy challenging yourself to prepare fancy looking deserts or would you rather keep it simple with a yummy batch of chocolate chip cookies? Let me know in the comments form below. I love to hear from my readers!

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