My Inspirations/Prep. For a Happy Healthy New Yr.

The Jewish new year of Rosh Hashana is right around the corner. Very often as the holiday comes closer people great each other with  the sentence"may you have a happy and healthy sweet new year" I feel like that is a very big concept and I wanted to try and derive some inspiration from those words. Being only human like everyone else, I am not constantly positive and in a good mood and I do have the occasional hard day but I do really try to feel very happy most of the time. As the new year rolls around I find myself looking back on the previous year and seeing mistakes that I've made or hardships that I've overcome and I try to think of ways to better myself in the coming year and make it a happier healthier one then the last. I thought I would share some things with you that help me to feel happy and stay healthy and hopefully this can inspire you and perhaps prepare you for your new year.
As I mentioned in the previous post, I have not yet gotten started on my food preparation for the holiday (gasp) therefore although I would have loved to, I cannot share my non existent menu at this time. Instead, I will share some of the ideas and pictures that I have collected in hope of gaining some inspiration for my cooking (once I actually get started). Keep a look out as all of that will be in my next post!
Here are some ideas that help me personally in staying in that feel good and happy/healthy frame of mind:
1) Embracing my spirituality- I personally am proud to say that I am a religious jew which means I have a lot of guidelines to follow. Following those guidelines and connecting with a higher being is extremely enlightening and makes me feel great. You do not have to be religious or even jewish to connect with your spirituality. Anyone can do so in their own way from within their lifestyle. Have in mind that the choices you make as a person on a day to day basis are what will make you feel even better on the inside. Be a kind, good person to others, do good deeds- give charity, visit the sick, all of these things will help to connect you with your spirituality and give you a greater purpose in life.
2) Spending time with my loved ones- my family and friends around me. I see two of  the people that are most dear to me every day- my husband and my son. I do spend time with friends as often as possible as well. Alot of my closely related family live an hour or more away so it becomes more difficult to see them as often as I'd like. Making time in your week or month to see those special people can help you feel positive. Sometimes you may be feeling a little down and not understand why, subconsciously this could be you just missing those special people in your life. So it is very important to spend time with the people you love. If you can't actually see them for whatever reason throw them a phone call and ask them about their day. Just hearing their voice will be elating.
3. Maintaining a healthy and fit life style- A) Taking good care of your skin and teeth B) Eating healthier foods and setting specific times for meals as well as portions for each one, drinking alot of water, controlling the amount of unhealthy foods consumed but not removing them completely to avoid depriving yourself and only craving it more. C) Exercising daily or weekly- whether it's just taking a walk, using an exercise video, going to the gym or dance class, just make sure to change it up constantly so that it stays interesting. D) Getting a good nights sleep is also an important part of keeping healthy, when you have a very busy day it may be tough to get into bed on time as well as letting your body wind down and actually fall asleep. Make sure to get your maximum amount of time for snoozing as it'll make the next day that much better. These measures are not all necessarily for staying in shape or dieting (those are of course great perks) but feeling good physically and taking care of the body will help your mind be peaceful and reflect that same state of health.
4. De- stressing with some me time- I feel like I am at my best when I take an hour a week and spend some time just for myself-doing the things that I love. Take some time for yourself every week and do something special big or small, it can cost very little or absolutely nothing- read a book, pamper yourself with a  bubble bath,  indulge in a massage or manicure and pedicure, get a haircut, have a cleaning lady, order a food or drink favorite as a treat, do some shopping, listen to some of your favorite music, take a nap. You know what makes you feel calm and relieves your stress so make sure to act upon that.
5. Setting a Schedule that I follow daily and writing a to do list of tasks to be accomplished for the day- having a set routine and staying organized can be extremely fulfilling. Put together your tasks for the day in written form and cross them off as you go along.  Keeping the area around you- your desk, your apartment, your car so on and so forth tidy and organized will help you to accomplish things easily and make your life feel that much more put together. If you are a stay at home mom or a busy business women this is something you can do to give your day structure and meaning.
6. Feeling Pretty and Put Together- As a makeup artist I love putting on my makeup so if I feel pretty it can definitely reflect on how I feel. For some it may not be as priority and may even sound a little shallow and frivolous. Don't forget, each person has their things that make them feel happy. Perhaps for you it is putting on a new dress or new shoes, doing something different with your hairstyle etc. Whatever it is, make sure to do it every day before stepping out. Every time you pass the mirror you will smile. Especially if you are having a hard day it'll perk you up and make you feel good about yourself. Remember: think of yourself as the awesome person you are and others will too.
Thanks for stopping in!
I wish you a very sweet, happy and healthy new year! Shana Tova!  Have a wonderful holiday!

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