Makeup Tip of The Week: Applying Makeup For Photos and Specific Products I Recommend Using

When you are preparing to be somewhere where photos will be taken of you, you will naturally want to look your very best. The makeup that you wear will have a huge impression on how the photos turn out. So whether it's just a night out, photo shoot or a special event- perhaps even your own wedding day, you will want to keep this in mind during your preparations. Applying makeup for being on camera and makeup for looking flawless in person have many differences. One thing that I have always found to be true is that exaggerating makeup just a little bit more then usual when you are applying it in front of the mirror won't hurt because when you will be in front of the actual cameras with their bright lights and flashes the look will appear lighter and more natural. Also, apply the makeup in natural light- you will get the best photos this way. Let me try to inspire you with my tips on looking your best in photos from face to eye, lips and brows along with some products that I like to use and can recommend to you:

For the Face:
- For the face makeup you want to create the perfect canvas from the start- a good skin care routine is key- so cleanse, tone and moisturize as you need in accordance to your skin type. You will then want to use a primer- (can be applied with your fingers) in all the areas that face products will be used. This will help optimize your face products longevity.- Mac's Prep and Prime is my preferred primer. You may normally like to wear light bases like tinted moisturizers and bb creams when you are off camera. For photos you will want to use a foundation as it will give you the most even finish. Don't forget to blend your foundation down onto your neck (until where the neck line on what you are wearing will be) as well as up onto your ears if your hair will be pulled back away from them. Choosing the perfect foundation will be important too. Make sure that you've tested it in advance to be sure that:  A) it looks really good in photos B) it doesn't cause any skin problems- blemishes or even allergic reactions C) Is long lasting and withstands any weather conditions-heat, humidity or rain. You will also want to choose a foundation that is more matte then dewy in this case. When off the camera, dewy skin can look wonderful but that shine can be very problematic in photos making the skin look oily- not the best look for anyone. I would recommend the Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation or Revlon Colorstay Foundation for this, as both have great matte finishes and are long lasting. In using a heavier matte foundation you should not need a concealer. In the case that you do, go ahead and use one just follow the same guidelines as you would with the foundation. I would recommend Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealers and Correctors- The corrector can be used for under eye circles and the concealer for blemishes. These products are very photo friendly. The next step would be to brush a loose very sheer to invisible powder (these look the most natural on the skin) all over the face and neck to set whatever has been applied previously-foundations and concealers. For this step I like the Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder.

 Once you are happy with your foundation base, apply a matte blush, bronzer and highlighter. Whether or not you like to include these steps in your every day routine, try to refrain from leaving them out here. Without a light blush you can end up looking washed out and pale. Even a very light blush like Smashbox Blush Rush in the light pink shade called Paradise applied slightly to the apples of the cheeks will be good enough, but it must be worn! Then, take your bronzer and brush it over your cheek bones and any areas that you would like to recede. I really love Nars Laguna Bronzer as it's the perfect shade of brown for contouring and bronzing and looks good on almost all skin tones. The highlighter will work in a similar fashion and will help accentuate any specific features you would like. Brush it above the cheek bones, down the center of the nose, on the brow bone, in the inner corners of the eyes and just above the cupids bow of your lip to make those areas stand out. A great highlighter to use is The Balm Mary Louminizer .These simple tasks will give your face shape and dimension in pictures.

For the Eyes:

At minimum a very black eyeliner that stays put on the waterline and a very black waterproof mascara that curls, lengthens and adds volume should be used. I suggest Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero and Covergirl Lashblast 24 Hour Wear Mascara. If you would like to wear some eye shadows, apply a cream shadow base or eyelid primer and top it with whatever matte shades you like best. Too much shimmer may look a little akward which is why matte shades are a good choice when being photographed. One of the most vital steps in the eye look is running the darkest shade through the crease and outer v of the eye to create depth and definition for the eyes.
 For the Lips:
The lip look should be very defined. Use a lip liner pencil to outline the lip shape then use a matte lip stick of similar shade to fill the lips in with color. Avoid sheer, glittery or barely there lips or they can fade to the background a little in the photos.

For the Brows: 
Use a waterproof brow pencil or matte brown powder that is about the same shade as your natural eyebrows and fill them in pretty strongly so that the color shows up well in the pictures. The eyes are framed by the brows so they make a big difference- take my word for it.

These are just a few of my tips for applying makeup in a way that will help you look your best in photographs. I hope that it will be helpful to you! Do you have some ideas that work well with you? Please share in the comments below- I love to hear from you! 

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