Makeup Product Review: Revlon Colorburst 042 Bellini Lip-Gloss

Revlon Colorburst 042 Bellini Lip-gloss

Product Description:
These Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses ($7.50) are described by Revlon as "A pop of weightless color with vivid, mirror-like shine. Outshines everything but you!" They sure got that right.

 These lipglosses have been around for a while but I only recently discovered them.  After enjoying their colorburst lip butters I knew I had to try more of their lip products. Revlon is my most purchased brand from the drugstore for sure- I find that most of their products work so well  for me and are really decently priced! If you love Revlon like I do, then I recommend that you try these - they do not disappoint!

This specific shade, Bellini is a semi-sheer light pink shade that is a "your lips but better" kind of color with some shine. Layering it up can make it a little more opaque looking and will give you a light pink- nude color that will flatter any lips.

I like to wear this lipgloss on an occasion where my eye makeup is particularly smokey or more dramatic and I need a softer more sheer nude lip to go along with that.  

What I love:
-In the summer time I tend to wear alot of lip balm, glosses, lip butters and any other light lip products.  I've therefore been trying many in the past little while and have found too many yucky sticky ones. I very much dislike sticky lip product that gets stuck in your hair when the wind blows and makes you want to take the product off just as soon as  you've applied it. I am so pleased that it was not the case with these- they are the exact opposite of sticky- weightless, smooth and creamy.

-They are available in 15 vibrant shades- from the lightest pinks to peaches, plums and bright reds. So there is a shade to suit every makeup look and any specific taste.

-I really like the packaging- pretty classy looking for the drugstore, with it's quilted design over the cap. Also, the entire thing is so light and thin so it can be easily stored or traveled with.

-The actual wand applicator is another thing that I really like- unique, compared to others of it's type. It's flat on it's sides with a very rounded tip which makes it easier to get an even application without being too wastely of product.

-  There are no annoying chunks of glitter or particles in them, yet they are glossy and lustrous.

- When I attempt smelling this gloss I pick up slightest scent of brown sugar-yum! It is so light that you'd have to really give it a good smell to even pick that up though. I'm not crazy over strongly scented lip products so I am pretty happy about that.

-They are very decently priced at  about $7.49  (Lately I've been purchasing my drugstore items from since they have lots of my favorite high end products available as well as drugstore ones. They also tend to have great deals: buy 1 get 1 50% off and others like that which is always cool!)
What I Don't Love:
-They don't last very long on my lips at all. Lipglosses don't tend to stay on me either way. I tend to use the gloss to top a long lasting lipstick or lipstain for some added shine so I don't find it to be a huge problem but it may pose some issues for those who want to wear it alone and have it last.

-They are supposed to be really moisturizing but I don't see that to be true at all. I don't really expect my lipglosses to moisturize my lips in any case but it sure would have been nice if they actually lived up to what they are said to do. 


-Comparing these to other recent lip glosses I've tried recently, I would have to say these come out on top so I will definitely be purchasing more of them. I'm curious to see what some of the darker shades are like- if they are on the sheer side like this one or more opaque. I will update with further info about this once I've tried them.

  -I do wish this gloss would last through a drink of water but I'll continue to layer it over a long lasting lip product like I usually would.
                                                                                                                                                                                  It seems like there is quite a bit of product in there and for what these cost you really can't go wrong.

In general, they are pretty soft and sleek on my lips and I would recommend them to anyone looking for that perfect gloss but I would say to layer it over a long lasting product otherwise it shouldn't be expected to last very long.

I hope this review will be helpful to you! More awesome reviews coming very soon! 

Do you own this lipgloss? Do you love it or hate it? 

Do you have a lipgloss that you just can't live without? (so to say) Leave it's name in the comments below so that I can try it too.

(Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review or any others on this blog. I try to give my best and most honest opinions on items that I have tried and love to help others in their beauty shopping )

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