Makeup Tip of the Week: Foundations- Type, Coverage and Finish to Suit You

This weeks makeup tip is all about foundations. Foundation is a standard step in most women's makeup rituals. And for good reason. It is a very important part of any makeup routine as it creates the perfect canvas for the rest of the makeup. But where should you start? There are so many companies offering foundations in so many different shades, textures and formulas. There are also different coverages and different finishes. And then there is the factor of different skin types to take into account. Finding the perfect foundation for you can be quite a tedious job so I thought I could offer my tips here to help those of you who are new to makeup or just looking to change it up, find the perfect one for you.

So when you are in the market for a new foundation there are 4 things that must be considered-  1) the type of foundation 2) the coverage of the foundation 3) the finish of the foundation 4) and your skin type

Finding the perfect foundation for you can be a long journey of trial and error but if you take these things into account you can easily find one that suits you. Many women choose foundations based on recommendations from friends or reviews online which can be really helpful at times. Very often though you may find that a foundation that works really well for someone else may not suit you in the least and vice verse so you need to consider your skin type and suitability for the product before anything else. A good foundation will not only even out the skin and conceal blemishes but also keep the skin looking flawless and healthy for a long duration of time.

Foundation Types:
1) Liquid Foundations - probably the most popular of the bunch. These are great for getting a natural look because of how smoothly they apply and can be used on any skin type. The great thing is that some really great ones can even be found at the drugstore for a very decent price. Their lasting powers are usually not bad too. 
For oily skin a water based foundation is best because using an oil based foundation will leave you with a shiny face or no makeup at all within a couple of hours depending how oily your face is. The water based ones will hold up better. Just read the back of the bottle to find that information.
If you have dry skin and you choose to purchase/use a water based foundation it could be too drying for your skin and leave you with a powdery caked look- not the best look for anyone. So you will want to use an oil based foundation instead. Again, always read the back of the bottle/container for that info.
For a combination skin type I would recommend buying a liquid foundation that is geared specifically towards combination skin or try both water based and oil based and see which works best for you.
For a normal skin type you can prob. get away with using both water or oil based liquid foundations. Again, just see which works best for you.  
2) Cream or Mousse Foundations- These are ideally suited for dry to extremely dry skin since they are normally oil based and lock moisture into the skin. They can be used on combination and normal skin as well, but oily skinned individuals should avoid them. They provide a better level of coverage then a liquid foundation as well as long lasting wear- alot better then a liquid foundation's. They also fill lines and minimize pores. So they can be a very good choice.
3) Powder Foundations- A pressed powder based foundation which is usually found in compact form is best for oily and combination skin types. Dry skinned individuals should avoid these as they will only dry the skin out more and create a cakey look. These foundations are easy to apply and blend into the skin gently and easily. At the same time they control excess oil and are known for their beautiful matte-satin finish. If you are in a hurry this is the best and easiest option for you. 
4) Mineral Powder Foundations- Similarly to the regular pressed powder foundations, these mineral types are best for extremely oily or sensitive acne prone skin since they consist of special minerals which heal and calm irritations and inflammations. They can be used on all skin types though.These foundations are light and gentle to apply and help with oil control while keeping the face looking smooth and poreless. 


1) Sheer Coverage: is lightweight and provides very little coverage of the skin. This coverage will be the softest and least noticeable with very little pigmentation. It is best for very young or naturally flawless skins that don't have that much to cover. Tinted moisturizers, bb creams and some specific lightweight foundations are characterized in this way.

2) Medium Coverage- is the standard coverage formula. It provides a basic medium coverage and can be used sparingly for less coverage or built up for a heavier coverage- Setting with a powder can help with getting that heavier opaque coverage. This kind of coverage would especially be good for someone that has some light acne or redness that needs to be concealed . A variety of both liquid foundations and powder foundations will have this kind of coverage.
3) Full/Heavy Coverage- will easily cover almost any imperfection in the skin with very little product and is usually found in the use of cream foundations. This kind of coverage is best for those who have heavy scars, birthmarks or severe acne that they wish to cover completely.  

A finish is how a foundation sets and looks about a few minutes after it is applied.There are three primary finishes: matte, dewy and then the imbetween which would be semi matte/satin. 
1) Semi matte/ Satin- this one is the one of the most common foundation finishes as it is the most universally flattering. Satin finishes provide the face with a soft healthy glow without being too matte or too dewy. It is the perfect imbetween and is typically the ideal option for all skin types.
2) Matte-This finish is popular for those with oily or combination skin as it won't provide the face any sort of dew or glowy texture. It's fantastic for achieving a long lasting look that is more subtle looking  and somewhat resembles the perfection of a porcelain doll. 
3) Dewy- The dewy skin look, characterized with a healthy quenched looking skin is a relatively new finish in the makeup world. It is commonly seen on models in magazines and provides the face with a dewy fresh right off the beach sort of look. This finish is ideal for normal to dry skin types.
I hope these tips will be helpful to you in finding a foundation that suits your skin type and desired finish and coverage! 

Be sure to check back for next weeks makeup tip where there will be foundation tips including how to choose a color that matches your skin well, how to apply it and what brushes and tools are best to use for specific foundations and looks.

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