Makeup Product Review: Coastal Scents Brow Tones Quad

 Coastal Scents Brow Tones Quad:

I purchased this product months and months ago. When I first used it I really liked it and used the lightest shade to fill my brows in with an angled eyebrow brush every single day. Using a powder and angled brush to fill your brows in is the most natural way to do so. I have always been more of a pencil for the brows kind of girl. I like them more defined and that helps me achieve that look. So why have I not mentioned this product until now and what makes me suddenly want to talk about it? This palette sort of took a back burner when I found my favorite brow pencil from Mac in a perfect light brown shade called "lingering". But recently I decided to try something different and pulled this back out. I continued to use my mac pencil but this time topped it with that light brown color from this palette. I really liked the results- not too defined and yet not too natural. As I prepared to discuss this palette I went to the coastal scents website to see some details but I was shocked to see that it was nowhere to be found. Maybe it's been discontinued or it was limited edition. I was pleased to see that they've since released a new brow quad which is so similar.The only real noticeable differences are that they redesigned the packaging and that these new ones don't have a similar color to that last one which is extremely dark gray and not very common for many brow tones anyways in my opinion. So here is what I think of it:

What I love:

-I really like that there are 4 shades in this palette. There is one to suit every eyebrow color and they can be mixed to get even more exact. Not too many eyebrow palettes come with 4 shades! This one is great for my kit or any other makeup artists kit for that reason. 

-I'm also really impressed with how they apply- nice and smooth, without any annoying crumbly fallout.

 -Their lasting power is pretty great too. Alone or with a pencil underneath. I apply the color in the morning and it lasts for a good 12 hours without smudging, shmeering, falling or disappearing.

-The compact is a rectangle shape and is pretty flat so it fits in any bag for easy use. It has a large mirror for on the go application and a place for small travel brush which makes it even more convenient.

-There seems to be quite a bit of product in each pan guaranteeing that I will have it around for quite a while (alot longer then any of my pencils that's for sure!)
-Coastal scents has really decent pricing on all their products. I don't remember how much this costed me exactly since it was so long ago but I am sure I didn't spend very much on this palette. The new brow quad that available on their website now goes for $8.95 so either way-a huge bargain.


I really like this eyebrow palette for a very natural or defined but still more natural look.
The only thing that annoys me about this palette is that it's a little hard to open. It has one of those niches that you stick your nail into and pull upwards. I almost cracked my nail the first time I opened it. That could be why they made a new design. When I do finish with this one I'll probably purchase that new one to try. If I do I will definitely leave an updated review here on the blog.

Have you tried this brow quad? Have you tried any of coastal scents products? This company is not talked about enough but trust me they have some pretty cool items on their website. Go check it out, you may actually find something you absolutely love!

I hope this review will be helpful to you in your search for great beauty products!


(Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review or any others on this blog. I try to give my best and most honest opinions on items that I have tried and loved to help others in their beauty shopping )

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