July's Kitchens of The Month (All Shades of Green)

 This summer one my favorite colors has got to be green. All shades of green- mint, neon green, turquoise. They just make me think of all calm, breezy and lazy things of summer. I love kitchens. I do these posts to inspire myself fo when I have a house of my own in the future or for anyone out there who is looking to be inspired and get some easy ideas to change up their kitchen. A kitchen can be a beautiful room no matter how big or small and whether it is pretty simple or really fancy.  A light shade of mint would be my choice if I would be painting a kitchen green. My kitchen is the place I go to relax- cooking always calms me better then anything else. The mint color just reminds me of oceans, blades of grass, a cool breeze all of which are very calming so it would just work really well in that sense. With my love for cooking I just really enjoy looking at pretty kitchens I could sit on pinterest and just pin kitchens all day long. These are some that I found on pinterest. This month I couldn't just pick one so here they are: 

 My favorite parts of this kitchen are the silky patterned shades, the textured cabinetry and those stools! 

Another view of that same kitchen. It has to be my favorite of all of these. I love that little window seat. I can just imagine my two year old sitting there eating a cookie while I cook or sitting there myself reading a book comfortably while waiting for whatever is in the oven to be ready.   

A green floor? hmmm  very interesting not exactly my style but yet very intriguing nonetheless and different!

Neon green/ bordering on chartreuse. So bold! A little too funky for me but I like how it was done with the wood cabinets to tone down that flashy color. 

Would you consider adding some green color to your kitchen? Which is your favorite kitchen of all the ones I've chosen above?

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