Beauty Tip of The Week: Taking Care of Your Skin According to It's Type

Over time, a careful and consistent skin care routine with products designed for specific skin types can gradually improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.
Taking care of your skin can be made much simpler with the knowledge of what skin type you have- if you haven't already, go read my previous beauty tip of the week for some help on figuring out what kind of skin you have here. Once you are aware of your skin type you can then figure out what products are best for it's care and set up a routine for yourself. Practice this routine every day to keep your skin healthy and glowing. You will be pleased with how smooth and beautiful your skin will look and appreciate it later in life. Application of cosmetics will be easier as well and the makeup will look better and last much longer.

Here are my tips for taking care of different types of skin. Any of these product types can be found at drugstores and beauty counters to be added to your routine and help you out in maintaining magnificent looking skin.

If you have a Dry skin type-  A) Cleanse the skin twice a day (when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night) with a gentle cleanser or one that is suitable for dry skin. B) The next step would be to moisturize. Apply a moisturizer to the skin immediately while the skin is still damp as this will help seal in the moisture. Doing these two easy steps on a daily basis will help hydrate the dry skin immensely.

If you have extremely dry skin with patchiness or flakes you may want to wash your face less often to avoid stripping the skin of it's natural oils so only cleanse once a day- before you go to sleep at night when your skin is dirtiest. Then apply a heavier moisturizer in cream form preferably with retinoids which will not only hydrate the skin but even out the skin tone. I wouldn't recommend using a toner as they are usually meant for oily skin types and the alcohol which is a common ingredient in toners will only dry the skin out even more.

If you have Oily or Acne Prone Skin- A) Cleanse the skin twice a day (when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night) with an oil free, non comedegenic (doesn't block pores) foaming cleanser or one that's suitable for oily skin. Use one that includes the ingredients salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to prevent breakouts. Because the skin seems oily you may be tempted to cleanse the skin more then twice a day but try to resist since washing the face too much can lead to increased oil production and you will only be working against what you are trying to achieve. If you would like to use a moisturizer go ahead just make sure it's light weight and non comedegenic. B) Using a toner would be the next step that I would recommend. It will give the skin a tight, fresh feeling as well as clean the pores and help keep the oil at bay.

If you have a Combination Skin type- A) Cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser- preferably twice a day. B) Use a moisturizer lotion in areas of the skin that are dry and a toner in areas that are more oily. 

If you have a Sensitive Skin Type- A) Cleanse the skin once a day to keep it clean with a gentle cleanser- avoid any products with heavy perfumes, alcohol or soap. B) Then use a toning gel or light cream based moisturizer with either chamomile or aloe in it which can calm sensitivity. 

Read all the labels on products to make sure that their ingredients are suitable for sensitive skin avoiding the word "acid" in most cases.

If you have a Normal Skin Type- Cleanse the skin twice a day with a your basic cleanser of choice. Any Toners and moisturizers that work well with your skin can be used as well to freshen up.

Lips and Eyelids can get dry as well- use an eye cream or moisturizer for dry lids and a lip balm  or moisturizer with Spf in it to keep dry lips hydrated.

If you have oily eyelids you can use a light toning gel to remove and prevent oil production.

Don't forget to practice good sun protection no matter what your skin type is!

I hope this beauty tip will be helpful to you in finding your perfect skin care routine!

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