9 Days Non-Meat Meal Ideas

If you are a religious jew then you will be in full dairy mode starting late last week. What is this 9 days time period? It is a religious observance in Judiasm that takes place during the first 9 days of the Jewish month of Av in July leading up to tishaa baav- the 9th of av. But These 9 days aren't only about eating dairy, not swimming or cutting hair, not wearing new clothing or listening to music. There is a deeper meaning and purpose. It is a great time for introspection, thought and building a closer relationship with the one above. It's also a good time for working on and mending old friendships or building new ones. These 9 days are not as much about mourning but of hope and anticipation for a redemption and being the best person you can be. Just something to think about. 

 If you haven't already planned this weeks menu and you need some help planning some non meat meals here are some ideas including some of my favorite dairy and non meat recipes from here on the blog and elsewhere/pinterest as well. They will all be linked with the website for the recipes so that you will have an easier time planning your dairy/non meat meals this week.

Previously on gigi's kitchen:

Penne with Pink Sauce:

Mushroom Quesadillas

Curry Encrusted Salmon with Roasted Tomatoes

Potato Mushroom Wontons with Sweet Sauce

Tuna Steak with Tangy Mango Sauce

Homemade Mushroom Calzones:

I'm clearly a little bit obsessed with mushrooms. You can substitute with any veggie you like though. 

                     From elsewhere and found on pinterest: (click on picture to go to website with recipe)

Spinach, Caramelized Onion, and Feta Quiche

Lasagna Cups

Baked Eggplant Parmesan:

Those are my ideas for this weeks non-meat menu. Have some good ideas of your own? Please leave them in the comment form below! 
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