Smashbox Shades Of Fame Palette Final Look 3 & 4

Every time I create an eye look with my Smashbox Shades of Fame Palette I love it more and more. So glad that I added it to my collection and so excited to continue creating pretty summery looks with it!  
I've done 2 looks so far here on the blog go check those out here and here.

Today I will be showing you the final 2 looks to be featured on the blog that I've created with this palette.
One of Summers major trends and a pretty exciting one in my opinion is wearing these gorgeous orange shades- corals, tangerines and bright oranges. They can be used in fashion and makeup looks both.
I decided for that reason to incorporate this really nice pink tangerine color called "sherbert"  into both of the looks below. The first being a  little more wearable and  the second may be a little more daring for some. Will you be wearing bold colors this summer? Don't be afraid to put a pop of bright color on your lids! 

Look #1

Here's how I created this first look. It came together to be a rosy tangerine look. I love it! 

-When I'm applying eyeshadows the very first thing I always do is prime the eyelid. I used the Smashbox primer that came with the palette.

- I then started the look by lining the upper and lower lashline with a black kohl pencil liner.

-I took the color "mocha"- a dark matte brown color on a small pencil brush and smudged out the liner on both lashlines top and bottom.

-Then I began applying the lid colors. I placed the color "sherbert"-- that gorgeous tangerine pink color all over the lid packing the color on from lashline to crease with a flat shader brush.

- With the  color "Honey"- a yellowy gold color and a smaller shader brush I placed color in the inner corner of the eye blending it in with the color "sherbert" and bringing it down just a little over the inner portion of the lower lashline.

- I took the color "mocha"- the dark brown that I used on the upper and lower lashline to smudge out the liner and placed it in the very outer corner of the eye blending it slightly with all the other lid colors with a Mac 217 blending brush.

-Lastly, I placed the color "Bliss"- a light cream color on the brow bone as a highlight.

To finish off the look I took my new favorite Smashbox mascara called "Hyperlash" and coated the top lashes twice and then applied it to the lower lashes as well. That's the completed look.

Look #2

-For this look I started by priming the lid as usual with the same Smashbox primer.

 -Then I took the gel liner in the palette called "bronze"- a dark brown color on an angled liner brush and placed it all along along the upper and lower lashlines winging it out just a little on the top lashes.

-Then with that pinkish tangerine color "Sherbert" and a flat shader brush I placed color all over the entire lid from lashline to crease smudging the liner as I did so.

-Next with the yellowish gold color "Honey" and a smaller shader brush I blended color from the very inner corner of the eye and into the lid color just a bit. and then with a pencil brush I brought that same color under the entire lower lashline.

-Then I placed the crease color to define the eyes ever so slightly- a mix of "Mocha"- the dark brown and "Sandstone"- a silver color with a small crease brush blending it ever so slightly into the outer corner of the eye in a 'v' shape.

-To blend out any harsh crease lines I took the color "nude"- a very light brown color on my mac 217 brush and put that right above the crease sweeping the brush back and forth in a windshield wiper motion blending as it went to remove any harsh lines.

-Then lastly I took the color "Bliss"- that lighter cream color and used it to highlight the brow bone.

-To complete this look I used my hyperlash mascara coating both the upper and lower lashes.

Would you wear any of these looks? Which is your favorite?

Now that you've seen all of the looks that I've created with this palette if you would like to splurge and purchase it head over to the Smashbox Website. I personally think that this palette is like no other with it's colors. Their so summery! The other thing that I've loved is that the colors don't have any fallout when their applied and they have the most amazing pigmentation.

I appreciate every single one of my readers. Please say hi! I love reading your comments.

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