Recipe: Seven Layer Salad with Cubed Deli Meat and Sweet Mayo Dressing

This deli salad was a nice part of our Shabbos meal this week. It would make a great dish for a during the week meal as well. I have posted a deli salad before here on the blog. Go check out that recipe here. 

I recently received the Bais Yaakov cookbook as a very sweet but unnecessary gift from someone who I helped out with something on the computer as a gesture of her appreciation. I had heard amazing things about the cookbook and was very excited to see what I could be inspired to create. This recipe was inspired by that cookbook.

It's not often that I make a deli salad with cubed meat. The reason for that is that I only recently found suction packed cubed deli meat at my new local grocery. I used to have to ask the guy at the deli counter to cube it for me which would cost triple the price. If you can't find the suction packed one like I did go ahead and ask the guy at the deli counter to prepare it for you.

Here is the recipe:
7 Layer Salad with Cubed Deli and Sweet Mayo Dressing:


1 Avocado- Cubed
1 Cup Canned Black Olives, Sliced into Rings
1 Package White Mushrooms- Cleaned Thoroughly, Stems Removed and Quartered
1  Medium Red Onion, Sliced Thin
1 Large Red Pepper-Chopped
1 Cucumber- Peeled and Cubed
1 Head Iceburg Lettuce,Top Layer Removed and Torn into Small Pieces
1 Cup Assorted Cubed Deli Meat- Turkey, Pastrami, Turkey-Pastrami
1/2 Cup Beigel Cracker Crisps- Mediterranean Herbs Flavored

3 Tablespoons Mayo
1 Tablespoon Fresh Garlic
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1 Tablespoon Lukewarm Water
A Sprinkle Pepper


1.Layer prepared vegetables in whatever order you see fit. 

2. Take deli meat cubes and lay them out in a saute pan. Turn the heat on medium allowing them to sear on all sides. Let them cool.

3. Once meat has cooled lay it over the top of the salad along with the cracker chips.

4. Combine dressing ingredients mixing well. Serve salad separate from dressing. 

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