Makeup Tip of The Week: Awake Looking Eyes

Wow! I haven't done a makeup tip of the week in forever. Well here's a really great one:


Awake looking eyes are so easy to achieve. It's about proper technique and product. Who really wants to have tired looking eyes in the morning or any time of day? With these tips and tricks you can pull a late nighter and look as good as 6 hours of sleep easily:

1) Start with your favorite concealer and place it under your lower lash line, in the inner corner of the eye and in any areas of dark circles, bags, discoloration- cream based is best as it's super easy to blend. The one I like to use is Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer in shade NW20. Bobbie Brown's Creamy Concealer/Corrector Kit would be another really good choice. Concealers that have highlighting or brightening properties will be even more beneficial to you. Use a brush or a finger to blend it into the skin really well so that it doesn't look like you are wearing any product at all but any problem areas are seamlessly corrected and brightened.

2)  Always curl your lashes. A great lash curler is the Shu Uemura Lash Curler which is a little on the expensive side for a lash color but a good lash curler that gives you a perfect curl without damaging the lashes is very important.  The lash curler will lift the lashes up and away from the eye leaving more whites of the eye visible creating that wide awake look. Then apply a few coats of your favorite mascara (brown will give a more natural more awake look) or clear mascara gel to hold the curl in place.

3) Light colors like Whites, Nudes, Beige's, Pinks, Light Browns, Golds and colors in that family are the best choices when going for that wide open eye look. Avoid lining the top and bottom lash line with any dark colored liners or shadows for this look. Instead use a light shade all over the lid and a slightly darker color in the crease area. Then line the lower waterline with a light colored liner- white, nude, beige. Smashbox makes one that I really like for this called Eye Beam Double-Ended Brightener which is a nude-white color. I use the thinner side to line the waterline and the thicker side for brightening the inner corner of my eyes and highlighting my brow bone.

4) Lastly take a very light color-the same one as you used all over the lid area is fine or one that's even brighter and apply it to the inner corner of the eye gently packing it on. This brightens up the eye in the inner corner area. Highlighting it. Use that same color on the brow bone. You can also just use that same Smashbox double ended brightener with the chubbier side and easily get the job done.

These 4 easy steps will get you ready really quick in the morning or any time of day and even if you are exhausted you will easily fake those wide awake looking eyes. You may be feeling really tired but you don't have to look tired.

Do you have a tip or trick that works well for you to achieve that wide awake eye look? Please share in the comments for below! I love to hear your opinions and tips!

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