Makeup Product Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter: Peach Parfait

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter: Peach Parfait 

Product Description: 

Revlon Says: "Buttery Balm with Beautiful Shiny Color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips"

I have already reviewed one of these products previously in the color sugar frosting go check that out here
Because I love them so much I feel like I need to better review them with each color I purchase. I have run out of the sugar frosting which I will definitely re-purchase but as soon as I had used up every last bit I knew I needed to try another color!

What I love:

- The color is so vibrant and nothing like any of my other lip balms in that aspect including the previous Revlon lip butter I owned in sugar frosting.

- The color is also longer lasting then any other products I own that keep my lips hydrated at the same time as giving them color.

- It isn't sticky and uncomfortable to wear.

-It hydrates and smooths my lips like a really good chap stick but it's prettier then that :)

- I got it at a good deal of 40% percent off when rite aid was having a sale on all Revlon products so of course I was even more pleased. Should have really purchased some more colors. Oh well! 

-Even without the discount they are pretty decently priced for the amount of product you get in the tube as well as how long it will last you. They last me a good 6 months. I would recommend that they be purchased from or rite aid which are the two places that they are the least expensive right now. 

What I Don't Love:

- I just don't think that the name is correct. I was expecting a peach color, more to the nude orangey side. This one is more like a raspberry peach it has the reddish pink tone to it that makes it a little different then what I thought it would be color wise in  my opinion.

- Also I feel like the other color I had was a little less sparkly. I like the shine but it has just a little too much sparkle in it for my taste.

I have been wearing this color every day. It is a gorgeous summery color that only has to be re-applied once or twice during the day so I love it! I hope that the other colors I get are more true to name and just a bit less sparkly. 

Have you tried any of the Revlon lip butters yet? If not go check them out! If you have what do you think? Are these some of your favorites for the hot summer months ahead? 

Hope this product review is helpful to all of you.

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