Recipe: Really Easy Dip: Chummus/Hummus

I try to make homemade dips every week. I don't always manage to but I try me best. This one has been one that I have prepared pretty often  most recently being that it's easy to do and delicious with any sort of bread or chips. My father has always been pretty great at making a yummy chummus. One of my fond memories from when I still lived at home is watching him prepare it and then we'd eat it spread inside pitas and stuffed with homemade Israeli salad. 

Here is my recipe:


 1 Large Can Chickpeas
1/4 Cup Tehina/Tahini- Store bought or Homemade
1 Tsp Fresh Crushed Garlic- Chopped small
1/4 Cup Lemon Juice
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
parsley to taste (optional)
A little water- if it seems to get too thick


Place all ingredients in food processor or blender. Blend till smooth and consistency of liking. If you feel like it's still too thick thin it out with a little water. 
Serve with bread,chips or pita.

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Makeup Product Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter: Peach Parfait

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter: Peach Parfait 

Product Description: 

Revlon Says: "Buttery Balm with Beautiful Shiny Color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips"

I have already reviewed one of these products previously in the color sugar frosting go check that out here
Because I love them so much I feel like I need to better review them with each color I purchase. I have run out of the sugar frosting which I will definitely re-purchase but as soon as I had used up every last bit I knew I needed to try another color!

What I love:

- The color is so vibrant and nothing like any of my other lip balms in that aspect including the previous Revlon lip butter I owned in sugar frosting.

- The color is also longer lasting then any other products I own that keep my lips hydrated at the same time as giving them color.

- It isn't sticky and uncomfortable to wear.

-It hydrates and smooths my lips like a really good chap stick but it's prettier then that :)

- I got it at a good deal of 40% percent off when rite aid was having a sale on all Revlon products so of course I was even more pleased. Should have really purchased some more colors. Oh well! 

-Even without the discount they are pretty decently priced for the amount of product you get in the tube as well as how long it will last you. They last me a good 6 months. I would recommend that they be purchased from or rite aid which are the two places that they are the least expensive right now. 

What I Don't Love:

- I just don't think that the name is correct. I was expecting a peach color, more to the nude orangey side. This one is more like a raspberry peach it has the reddish pink tone to it that makes it a little different then what I thought it would be color wise in  my opinion.

- Also I feel like the other color I had was a little less sparkly. I like the shine but it has just a little too much sparkle in it for my taste.

I have been wearing this color every day. It is a gorgeous summery color that only has to be re-applied once or twice during the day so I love it! I hope that the other colors I get are more true to name and just a bit less sparkly. 

Have you tried any of the Revlon lip butters yet? If not go check them out! If you have what do you think? Are these some of your favorites for the hot summer months ahead? 

Hope this product review is helpful to all of you.

I appreciate every single one of my readers. Please say hi! I love reading your comments.

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Beauty Tip of The Week: Skin Type Characteristics

There are many different skin types. What kind of skin do you have? It is important to know what kind of skin you have so that you can take care of it accordingly. Knowing what skin type you have will also help you when you are purchasing cosmetics and deciding on products that will last the longest and work best for you. When at a makeup store or counter be sure to ask the person who's servicing you to help you figure out what skin type you have and that individual will most likely be able to do that easily after asking you some important questions. After gathering your answers and information they can then see what tendencies and patterns there are in your skin type and come to a good conclusion. 

If you would like to try and figure it out on your own then here are some tips and frequencies to be aware of. It isn't hard. It doesn't take long and it will be extremely helpful to you and a very good place to start. 

Basic Skin Types and Descriptions:

a. Dry Skin- This skin type tends to be a little more dull and tight even post cleaning. The skin may also look pore-less. Extreme flaking, roughness and sometimes redness are usually signs of very dry skin as well. 

b. Oily Skin- This skin type is usually associated with  large pores, skin that's acne prone or frequently oily with a shiny look/feeling. 

c. Normal Skin- Not Oily or Dry just the regular skin that has the perfect amount of moisture and not alot of oil, less of a tendency to break out, some pores showing but not large pores or poreless. Not as common but very ideal.

d. Combination skin 1) Oily/Normal- T- Zone-Forehead, Bridge of Nose and Center of Chin are of oily skin type's characteristics but the rest of the face is pretty normal- not too dry nor too oily.
2) Dry/Normal- Certain areas of face- perhaps cheeks and nose are more dry with some flakiness and other dry symptoms and the rest of the face is of a normal type- not as dry or oily.

e. Oily and Dry Skin Combined - some areas of the skin are very dry and others very oily.
f. Sensitive Skin- red and irritated skin. high pigmented cheeks. sunburned skin or skin that is easily irritated by product. 

- Be aware that during different seasons the skin may change a little in type because of the weather- in winter skin sometimes seems to be more dry and in the summer skin can be a little more oily or the oposite depending on the person. It's important to watch and see what your skin changes may be from season to season and to know how to deal with it properly. 

Don't feel bad about your skin type and don't compare yourself to others as well. You don't have to have perfect skin naturally as long as you know how to maintain it and keep it as healthy and easy to care for as possible. As long as you know what kind of skin you have and how to best maintain it your routine will be a breeze. 

After reading this you may or may not know what kind of skin type you have. If you do not then go ask someone at a cosmetics counter or a skin proffessional who will most likely be able to tell you what they think as well offer some you easy remedies and tips as well. 

Check back here next week for some more skin tips about what products I reccomend to treat different types of skin, how to use them, when to use them etc. You can maintain healthy glowing skin no matter what skin type you have. I will also be sharing the routine that I follow on daily basis to keep my skin in check. More exciting posts coming!

Thanks for stopping by!


Fathers Day Gift Guide For All the Awesome Fathers

Fathers day is almost here! Both my father and my husband are amazing, caring and hard working fathers to their kids and for that they deserve alot of recognition. Really they should be given that gratitude every day but especially on fathers day- one that is set aside just for them.

If you have someone like this in your life and you would like to give them something special big or small here are some of my ideas and suggestions:

1) This gift is for a man that doesn't necessarily know what they would like as a gift or doesn't care for gifts that much (yes there is a guy like this in my life! ;)) or maybe you just don't know what to get him- purchase a birchbox for him! What is birchbox? is basically a subscription box that you get monthly delivered to your door free of shipping. Inside the box there are trial sized samples both big and small (4-5 of them) from well known companies and new cool companies. They started with a women's box that became popular really fast. This men's box is pretty newly released and has become popular as well. What I love about it is that you don't have to sign up for a year at a time. You can sign up for one box and then cancel the subscription if you would like. The men's box is $20 a month. This way he can try out new 
products in the categories of 
grooming, skin care, lifestyle, 
accessories etc. without spending a fortune
 on full size   items. Your gift will be so appreciated! 

2) Denali 115 piece tool kit some men are just fix it yourself types who love to repair everything inside and outside the house whether it is changing a light bulb or unclogging a stuffed drain etc. they will appreciate some easy tools. There is definitely going to be a tool in this box to help him with the hardest tasks around the house. You can enjoy this gift as well. He will be asking you what jobs he can do. :)

3) Maybe the father you are hoping to find the perfect gift for is a classy man that likes new clothing and accessories. He may like something like these Carrera Polarized Aviator sunglasses, A Burberry Tie- love those colors, or these simple but stylish MontBlanc cufflinks. He will be so pleased when he looks in the mirror.


4)  This last one is for a man who enjoys spas, skin care, great scents, colognes and anything like that. I love philosophy's skin care products so I am sure he will too: The philosophy shave and skin care essentials for men kit will be prefect for him and I personally love how all the Dolce and Gabana perfumes and colognes smell so this would D&G light blue pour homme cologne gift set would be a great choice as well.

So there you have it. There's something for almost everyone there. Hope you have an easy time choosing that special man a gift and I hope my gift guide was helpful to you in your shopping!

Until Next time! 


Philosophy Sale and Product Recommendations

Wow these Cosmetic companies are on a roll lately. One after the other they are putting up these great friends and family sales. I am definitely going to be enjoying this one as their prices are decent but on the more expensive side but if you have tried their products you will know why I am so excited about this sale.

I feel like this is a really great opportunity to share and recommend my Philosophy product favorites. So I am listing 10 items below that are some of the best in my opinion that Philosophy has to offer. They are a company based mainly for skincare but they do have a few other item types. This is more of a product recommendation list with some details about the product keeping the upcoming summer months in mind. If you would like a specific product review for a one item then feel free to leave me a comment below telling me what you would like and I will be happy to do so promptly. This sale ends in the June 16th so if you would like to take advantage of this sale now would be a good time to head over there.

Coming soon to the blog- my skin care routine! You'll get to see what I use every time I clean my face to maintain healthy skin. has another great special offer going on now for philosophy products: Buy $45 in philosophy products and get a free philosophy hope set ($36 value!). While supplies last.

1. Purity Made Simple Cleanser- I really love this cleanser and I've already done a product review here on the blog previously so go check that out here.

2. The Supernatural Powder Foundation-I've never been a huge fan of product that you take out of a tub really just because it's not extremely sanitary. Especially for a foundation that you may want to add to your makeup artist kit and use on others.  But this product is in powder form and is supposed to be great for all skin types. The thing I love most about it is that it has SPF15 in it for easy sun protection and that it comes in nice shade range. It's easy and light for Summer.

3. Summer Grace Perfume- a great floral perfume for that easy happy summer scent, relatively inexpensive for a perfume.

4. Eyes Wide Open Eye Gel- I recently blogged about waking up tired looking eyes with makeup. Well here's a great skin care product that will help with that same purpose. It's a refreshing/de-puffing eye gel.

5. Just Release Me Eye Makeup Remover- I am very picky when I am purchasing eye makeup removers. I wear alot of waterproof makeup and I don't like spending alot of time taking my makeup off at night. So my makeup remover needs to work really well and really quick. This one is great because it's gentle and oil free and it does the job quick and easy. 

6. Hope in a Jar Moisturizer- a really nice moisturizer that is great for all skin types.

7. Kiss Me Lip Exfoliater  - an exfoliater for dry lips, this product makes removing that gross dead skin really easy. It smooths the lips and leaves them moisturized and soft.

8. Vanilla Birthday Cake Body Wash- I'm sure I have mentioned this body wash many times before. It says it can be used as a shampoo and bubble bath as well. But I use it only as a body wash. It does give a nice clean feel but the main reason I love it is because of it's amazing scent. It's not too strong but the scent lasts for hours. I also feel like it makes the skin soft and smooth.

9. Here Comes the Sun Spray Sunscreen- I like this product alot because it's a spray which is the easiest form of sunscreen for me. It comes in SPF 30 which is not bad at all. It would be nice if it would go higher then 30 but still not bad. It's water resistant and not too oily. It can be used on all skin types. 

10. Kiss of Hope Lip Treatment SPF 15- it has the philosophy vanilla mint scent that I've come to adore. It is a treatment that helps save dry lips which I seem to have all year round. At the same time as it heals the lips it keeps them protected from the sun!

Have you tried any of Philosophy brand products? If you have which are your favorites? If you haven't you have no idea how much you are missing out! Leave me a comment down below I love to hear from you!

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Recipe: Tuna Steak with Tangy Mango Sauce

I don't really eat that many types of fish. I tend to  stick to my favorite which is salmon. I Recently decided it was a good time to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. So I bought some tuna steak and I am happy that I did!  I have had it in restaurants before but I had never actually prepared it at home.

I've heard it said that once you try tuna steak you will not be able to to eat tuna from a can ever again. The quality difference is huge of course but I don't know that it will change anything with my decision to have a tuna sandwich with pickles for lunch or not :)

Every recipe I looked at on the Internet and in my pile of cookbooks showed a pretty similar way of preparing tuna steak so went with that hoping to get the best out of the fish. Did I mention that it is not inexpensive? They cost quite a bit more then salmon does but I think that once in a while I will prepare tuna steak again for dinner or for a Shabbos meal because it was different and tasty and really filling!

Here is the recipe:
Tuna Steak with Tangy Mango Sauce
for two large pieces of tuna steak or more

I like marinating all fish because it helps take away that fishy taste. I've done that with many other fish preparation. For this one I skipped that step if you would like you can definitely do so. Orange Juice can be used I just had orangeade in the house for my son.


2 Large  Pieces or More of Tuna Steak
1 Mango
1/3 Cup Minute Maid Orangeade Juice
3 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Sugar (Optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Garlic Powder to taste
Olive Oil for Searing

1. If you don't want to or don't have time to marinate then start by taking the piece of raw tuna steak very carefully and rinse it, then pat it dry.

2. Place the tuna steak pieces in a non stick frying pan one at a time with a little olive oil. Sprinkle the steak on both sides with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Put the flame up to medium and let it sear on each side for 3 minutes. Do not move it around just let it lay for 3 whole minutes.

3. Once it has a nice sear take it out of the pan and lay it to the side on a plate or dish of choice.
4. Then prepare the mango sauce- Take the peel off the mango with a peeler or knife. Then chop off all of the fruit from the sides of the pit. Throw out the pit. Take the pieces of mango and place them in a food processor with the blade piece or in a blender. Add the orangeade juice, red wine vinegar and sugar and blend to a sauce consistency.

5. Put the sauce to the side in a container until ready to serve.

5. Serve tuna cold or warm topped with the prepared mango sauce also cold or warm depending on preference. 

What's your favorite fish? What's your preferred style of tuna? Tuna fish from the can? Raw tuna in Sushi? Tuna steak? Love all three? Don't like it at all? I want to know! :) Leave me a comment below I love to hear what you all think.

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Makeup Product Review: Smashbox Eyeliners

 Smashbox Crayon Limitless Eye Liners (Ebony, Amethyst, Indigo Ink)

Product Description:

Smashbox Says: Our waterproof long-wearing liner provides bold definition for up to 8 hours. This creamy, easy-to-apply formula contains vitamin E and jojoba oil to protect. The cap houses a unique built-in sharpener so you'll always have the most precise application.

What I love:

-The black pencil is my favorite of the three colors it reminds me of the my most used Loreal extra intense liquid pencil eyeliner. It glides on easily and lasts all day once it's applied. 

-It can be smudged out to create an easy smokey eye but once it dries it's smudge proof.

-It can also be used on the waterline. It seems pretty safe and doesn't bother my eyes at all as well.

-The black one is extremely pigmented!

- The one thing that sets these apart from all other pencil liners is the small sharpener on the end of it. I love that I don't have to run and search for a sharpener every time I have to sharpen these. And it's a really good one as well.

-Their not too expensive compared to some other high end eye pencils. These go for $19 

What I Don't Love:

There's only one thing I don't like and that's only with the purple and navy colors. They show up so well when I swatch them as you can see but when I put those two on my lash line they don't show up quite as pigmented. I love the colors and they look nice just not quite as dark and colored as I'd like and as I would have expected.

I really like them but I would only re-order the black.

Don't forget Smashbox is still having their friends and family sale for 2 more days so if you need a new eyeliner or anything else this is the chance to get it for a good deal.

Hope this product review will be helpful to you!

I appreciate every single one of my readers. Please say hi! I love reading your comments.

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Junes Kitchen of The Month-Coral for Summer!

I cannot believe how fast May flew by. It's already June and time for my Kitchen of the Month post.
This months kitchen is a coral shade. I love the simplicity yet extremely sophisticated look of this kitchen. One of my favorite colors for the Summer months is coral so as soon as I spotted this kitchen on pinterest I knew it was the one. Some details that I love about this kitchen are the lighting- cool and different, that baby blue back drop in the stove area, and that big plant on the island!
Would you add this gorgeous color to your kitchen?

So this month/seasons color crush for me is definitely coral. Here is some more pretty coral inspiration:

       Be happy: "Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure; Where your treasure is, there is your heart; Where your heart is, there is your happiness."

Live Life to It's Fullest and be grateful:  "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."

 Dream: Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

Be creative:  “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” 

I appreciate every single one of my readers. Please say hi! I love reading your comments.
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Smashbox Sale and Product Recommendations!

I was so excited when I saw that Smashbox was having this awesome friends and family sale. For those of you who visit often you know how much I love this makeup brand. If you haven't tried any of their products before or would like to take advantage of this sale but are clueless as to what would be good to purchase I am going to help out. About a week ago Stila had a similar sale and I posted about it with my product recommendations. Whenever I see a sale going on for a company who's products I mostly love I like to share so that others can enjoy them as well. I will do the same for the Smashbox ones now. I will be mostly focusing on products that I would purchase for the upcoming summer months so it will be most versatile for you. This sale ends on June 10th.

So here is my list of 10 items that I love from Smashbox and would recommend as must haves for this Summer. This is more of a recommendation list then a product review. I may write a short description or reason why I like something but full product reviews may be up for some items in the near future. If you would like a full product review for any of these products please let me know in the comments below and I will be sure to do so swiftly.

1) Smashbox BB Cream- Definitely one of their best products! To be honest I don't love their foundations they just didn't work that well for me or my skin type. So I was a bit sceptical to try this but wow I think it is their coolest product yet. It really heals blemishes and gives me the most amazing finish without feeling really heavy on my skin and my favorite thing about it is that it has SPF 35 so once I apply I'm all set for the sunny weather.

2) Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow- they can be worn on their own or with a powder shadow on top. They are long lasting which keeps them from melting down in the heat. 

3) Be Discovered Be Legendary Lipstick- I've already reviewed this product. Go check that out here. I'm more of a lip balm and  lip butter girl in the summer but these are pretty good lipsticks and could not go unmentioned. 

4) Hyperlash Mascara- I've tried all of their mascara's and of all of them this is my fav. if you have seen my looks on the blog for their newest eye shadow palette then you have seen me wearing it. It lengthens my lashes and makes them look very black.

5) The Nude Lip Pencil- I don't like how dark lip liners look on me but lip liners are important because they help keep lipsticks on so I really like a nude lip pencil that's there to help and define just a bit without being over dramatic.

6) Limitless Eyeliner- I will be reviewing this product on the blog very shortly so I won't get into much detail but I will say this is the best eyeliner I've tried after my all time favorite Loreal eyeliner. It's great for lining the waterline or smoking out the upper lash line. 

7) Halo Highlighting Wand- For an easy summer glow. I like to apply this on top of my cheek bones, under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose and on my temple to highlight my features. 

8) Eye Beam Double Ended Brightener- A double ended matte white/beige pencil that can be used to line the waterline and to highlight the inner corner of the eye or brow bone. I mentioned it in the post one earlier then this in a tip for getting those wide awake eyes.
9) Brow Tech to Go- I really like this eye brow pencil. The color shades well and lasts really long. Even though there is one that matches my shade I wish they would make more colors to match even more brow tones. It is double ended one side being an eyebrow pencil which is slanted so it's easy to shade in the brows. The other side is a brush like a mascara wand to brush the brows into place and hold them. I like the brush, the gel works but it isn't the best one I've ever tried.

10) Step by Step Contour Kit- One of the best contour kits I've owned. I like it just as much as my Nars Laguna Bronzer. I like that it comes with a contour powder, bronzer powder and highlight powder as well as a small brush which I find great for easy highlighting.

Hope these product recommendations are helpful to you! Good Luck.

I appreciate every single one of my readers. Please say hi! I love reading your comments.

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Makeup Tip of The Week: Awake Looking Eyes

Wow! I haven't done a makeup tip of the week in forever. Well here's a really great one:


Awake looking eyes are so easy to achieve. It's about proper technique and product. Who really wants to have tired looking eyes in the morning or any time of day? With these tips and tricks you can pull a late nighter and look as good as 6 hours of sleep easily:

1) Start with your favorite concealer and place it under your lower lash line, in the inner corner of the eye and in any areas of dark circles, bags, discoloration- cream based is best as it's super easy to blend. The one I like to use is Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer in shade NW20. Bobbie Brown's Creamy Concealer/Corrector Kit would be another really good choice. Concealers that have highlighting or brightening properties will be even more beneficial to you. Use a brush or a finger to blend it into the skin really well so that it doesn't look like you are wearing any product at all but any problem areas are seamlessly corrected and brightened.

2)  Always curl your lashes. A great lash curler is the Shu Uemura Lash Curler which is a little on the expensive side for a lash color but a good lash curler that gives you a perfect curl without damaging the lashes is very important.  The lash curler will lift the lashes up and away from the eye leaving more whites of the eye visible creating that wide awake look. Then apply a few coats of your favorite mascara (brown will give a more natural more awake look) or clear mascara gel to hold the curl in place.

3) Light colors like Whites, Nudes, Beige's, Pinks, Light Browns, Golds and colors in that family are the best choices when going for that wide open eye look. Avoid lining the top and bottom lash line with any dark colored liners or shadows for this look. Instead use a light shade all over the lid and a slightly darker color in the crease area. Then line the lower waterline with a light colored liner- white, nude, beige. Smashbox makes one that I really like for this called Eye Beam Double-Ended Brightener which is a nude-white color. I use the thinner side to line the waterline and the thicker side for brightening the inner corner of my eyes and highlighting my brow bone.

4) Lastly take a very light color-the same one as you used all over the lid area is fine or one that's even brighter and apply it to the inner corner of the eye gently packing it on. This brightens up the eye in the inner corner area. Highlighting it. Use that same color on the brow bone. You can also just use that same Smashbox double ended brightener with the chubbier side and easily get the job done.

These 4 easy steps will get you ready really quick in the morning or any time of day and even if you are exhausted you will easily fake those wide awake looking eyes. You may be feeling really tired but you don't have to look tired.

Do you have a tip or trick that works well for you to achieve that wide awake eye look? Please share in the comments for below! I love to hear your opinions and tips!

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Recipe: Seven Layer Salad with Cubed Deli Meat and Sweet Mayo Dressing

This deli salad was a nice part of our Shabbos meal this week. It would make a great dish for a during the week meal as well. I have posted a deli salad before here on the blog. Go check out that recipe here. 

I recently received the Bais Yaakov cookbook as a very sweet but unnecessary gift from someone who I helped out with something on the computer as a gesture of her appreciation. I had heard amazing things about the cookbook and was very excited to see what I could be inspired to create. This recipe was inspired by that cookbook.

It's not often that I make a deli salad with cubed meat. The reason for that is that I only recently found suction packed cubed deli meat at my new local grocery. I used to have to ask the guy at the deli counter to cube it for me which would cost triple the price. If you can't find the suction packed one like I did go ahead and ask the guy at the deli counter to prepare it for you.

Here is the recipe:
7 Layer Salad with Cubed Deli and Sweet Mayo Dressing:


1 Avocado- Cubed
1 Cup Canned Black Olives, Sliced into Rings
1 Package White Mushrooms- Cleaned Thoroughly, Stems Removed and Quartered
1  Medium Red Onion, Sliced Thin
1 Large Red Pepper-Chopped
1 Cucumber- Peeled and Cubed
1 Head Iceburg Lettuce,Top Layer Removed and Torn into Small Pieces
1 Cup Assorted Cubed Deli Meat- Turkey, Pastrami, Turkey-Pastrami
1/2 Cup Beigel Cracker Crisps- Mediterranean Herbs Flavored

3 Tablespoons Mayo
1 Tablespoon Fresh Garlic
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1 Tablespoon Lukewarm Water
A Sprinkle Pepper


1.Layer prepared vegetables in whatever order you see fit. 

2. Take deli meat cubes and lay them out in a saute pan. Turn the heat on medium allowing them to sear on all sides. Let them cool.

3. Once meat has cooled lay it over the top of the salad along with the cracker chips.

4. Combine dressing ingredients mixing well. Serve salad separate from dressing. 

Thanks for stopping in!

Have a wonderful start to your week!
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My Drugstore Beauty Shopping This Weekend

I don't shop at the drugstore as often as I used to. I love their products don't get me wrong alot of their products are just as good as any high end items but I just like to use up products before purchasing more. I saw that Rite Aid was having a sale of 40% off on all Revlon makeup. Revlon is probably my favorite brand at the drugstore so I had to step in at least. If you like Revlon as well you should stop in and enjoy the sale!
Here's what I got:

Organix Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner: This weekend I finally ran out of my shampoo and conditioner that I'd been using for close to a year. Although I had been planning on picking up the Bumble and Bumble Mending Shampoo and conditioner once I ran out of the ones I was using I had always seen this one and wondered if they were good. So I decided that I'll get the Bumble and Bumble ones once I finish these. The bottles look so pretty! I love the gold and purple and pink. And they have tons of different types as well. I'd heard some pretty great things about the Organix Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner before purchasing and my hair needed some mending and major hydrating. So I've already tried them and love them so far- they smell amazing and I can already feel a difference in my hair!

The other four products are makeup ones and will be decently reviewed later on on the blog once I've had a chance to actually try them out-

A- Baby Lips by Maybelline- They've been very talked about for smelling really good and being very hydrating. I got one in the color 30- Peach Kiss. 

B-Next I picked up a Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick- I love Revlon lip products- they go on really smooth and these specific ones can last me close to 48 hours. Insane! I got it in the color #1 Nude.

C-Revlon Lip Butter in the color Peach Parfait- I've already reviewed these since they have to be my favorite every day lip product. I recently ran out of the light pink one. So I decided to try a new color.

D- The last thing I bought was this Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black- I had just ran out of my favorite drugstore mascara- Covergirls Lashblast Fusion in the Orange tube. So I was ready to try a new one. I will let you know what I think.

Do you shop at the drugstore often? What is your favorite brand to purchase from? What is your favorite product from the drugstore?

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