What are BB Creams? And a Mini Product Review

I recently discovered a new product type that is AMAZING and I just have to share. BB Creams- short for beauty balms or blemish balms. They have been around for a while already in the beauty world. They originated in Germany in the 60’s and then they really took off in Asia with just one shade but recently became all the rave around the U.S. They were first created by dermatologists to treat and protect skin after skin surgery. Then Celebrities started using them for that very natural-flawless-glowing look. They are now extremely popular. I couldn’t figure out why until I tried my first one. If you have been reading my blog often you will know that I’ve been trying out a lot of products from Smashbox Cosmetics. I decided to put their bb cream to the test and I am now a huge fan. As soon as I finish it I will try other companies. So many have created their own version that they are now available everywhere. 
So here is what I love about BB Creams from what I’ve heard about them in general and the one that I’ve tried:
Their formula is similar to that of tinted moisturizers but with better coverage and they are lighter weight then foundations. I have always liked a good foundation for when I’ll be out at a special event or having photos taken etc. They give great coverage and I’ve found a lot of really nice ones. One thing that I feel isn’t so great with most foundations though are that they are a little too heavy and cake into my drier areas when I wear them for a long period of time. So I don’t use those on a daily basis. I will still be trying foundations and using the ones that I have come to love but ever since I tried bb creams I have been using them every day with great results.
. Besides for being extremely light weight with great coverage they do more cool things like fade spots and fine lines, reduce redness and protect with spf which I feel is so important in any face makeup that I apply when I am planning to be out in the sun. 
. They are an extremely versatile combination product that is easily the bridge between skin care and makeup. They can sometimes be 4-5 products fit into one tube which is a huge time and money saver. Many come with built in primers which keep the balm from melting into the skin and settling into fine lines. Their adhesion capabilities are fabulous- they stay put for hours. And they are supposed to be really good for oil control as well for those with oily type skin. They also hydrate the skin and apply flawlessly for that natural no make up look which is one of the trends that I actually love for this Spring.
. The ones that are made in the U.S. come in a bunch of different shade choices so all skin tones can be easily suited.
I’ve also found that I really don’t need more then about a nickel sized amount for every application so the product will probably last really well and so far mine has.
. They can sell for anywhere between $13-$50 so they can be really cost efficient and fit into anyones budget.
How I apply it: I have Normal/Combination skin with some dry patches around my nose and forehead and I am the lightest shade in Smashbox’s bb cream.  I start by moisturizing and using a primer like I would when applying any of my foundations. I squeeze a little bb cream onto the back of my hand and then apply with my fingers dotting it all over my face and blending it in well. I then take whatever product is left over and go back over whatever areas need a little extra coverage. I find that this is what works best for me.
For those with oily skin they can easily be used without primer or moisturizer but then set with a powder. And for those with drier skin they don’t need to but can be used with a good moisturizer and won’t necessarily need to be set at all.
After a few weeks of testing and using the Smashbox bb creams I have seen great results:
I have found that my skin actually feels nicer. I noticed an increase of moisture and it has hydrated my skin in areas of my face that was more dry after the winter months. It seems that some of the high pigmentation (ruddiness) in my cheeks has faded as well. I feel like when I wear it there is some sort of radiance and it looks like I am not wearing any face makeup at all and it doesn’t fade or move around at all during the day. So all in all I am pretty pleased with the one I own and am most likely going to purchase others as soon as I finish this one.
Some of the ones that are top rated that I would like to try or have tried already are:

From top left to bottom right
3) Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 $39.00 (I have tried and love)
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