Product Review: Dior DiorShow Waterproof Mascara

Dior DiorShow Waterproof Mascara:

Product Description: 

The DiorShow Mascara is said to be ultra-glamorous eye makeup that
 instantly lengthens, thickens, and curves lashes in one sweep. Now in a waterproof version with aquastop water-resistant technology ensuring that they stay perfect in any circumstance.
After using this product for close to a year I have gathered my thoughts and opinions to share. Mascara is definitely a must have in my every day makeup bag. & For good reason! With just one coat it turns sleepy eyes into glamorous ones. It took me a while to brave this purchase. Every time I walked into a department store I would gaze at it longingly but I never had the guts to actually take it home. It just seemed to be such a steep price for a simple mascara. After some time and a lot of debating I caved and bought it. So here is what I think of it:

What I love:

 I bought the color 090 Jet Black since I like mascara to be very dark. I think the color is true to it's name. Extremely black.

 I really like the wand on it. I feel like it is large but not too large that mascara is getting everywhere as it is applied. The bristles comb and separate the lashes pretty nicely as well.

 Is it really waterproof? Yes. It is long lasting and stays put all day for me. 
It has stood the test of swimming pools, hot weather and tears.

-There seems to be quite a bit of product in there. It's lasting me a while.

- I don't find that it clumps at all.

-It comes in 3 shade choices- black, brown-chestnut and blue-azure blue. Not bad.

-The packaging is nothing special in my opinion but it isn't anything to complain about either.

What I don't love:

The formula is very dry. I like a drier mascara since it keeps a curl nicely but this one is so very dry that when I pull the wand out of the tube it doesn't even look like there is product on it. 

Lengthens and curls? I think that it does lengthen, curl and even thicken a little. I would use this for an every day more natural look though since it doesn't give that glamorous false lash look that I usually love  and have found in many of the less expensive drugstore mascaras.

The price is the biggest deal breaker. I do buy lots of high end products. Some are so excellent and I can easily understand why they are more expensive. I really dislike the feeling that I am paying for the name not the quality. That is what I feel with this one. It's $25- not a fortune but since I can get some mascaras that are equally as good for a fraction of the price that is a little disappointing.  


 I like how my lashes look with this product on. It's not the worst mascara I've ever purchased but I don't know that I would ever re-purchase.

I hope this product review will be helpful to you when you are out shopping for makeup! Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it? What is your favorite mascara? Leave your comment! I'd love to hear.

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