Blog Update: I'm Back!

 What a long time has passed with no blog posts! I just want to do a little summary/update of where I have been and why I haven't gotten around to too much blogging. I feel like Holidays are the perfect time for spending time away from everything with family and friends and recoup. This Pesach/Passover I did just that. I feel like I am now rejuvenated and ready to get back to my every day routine with lots of blog posts to come (so get excited!). 
For the first part of the holiday we were with my family- my parents, my siblings, my adorable nieces and some cousins. As I've mentioned before it's not often that I get to see them and it was truly very enjoyable.
 The last part of the holiday was spent with the husbands family. We took a nice long road trip to get there, in fact alot of the past week was spent traveling in the car. Long trips in the car can be burdensome to most but I found that it was actually quite nice. Lots of time spent with my boys and I have to mention my son behaved so well which always makes the miles of road ahead easier. We listened to music and sang along. I did help out with a little of the driving and when exhaustion hit we laughed at things that weren't even funny. Within our almost 24 hour drive each way I watched the sun set and rise. The moon followed us along the highway through the night. Long trips are not the kind of thing I do often but they hold wonderful family memories of the past for me. I'll never forget sitting in the back of our family van playing 20 questions to pass the time.

At a rest stop- I don't know what I love about this white fence ;)

we stopped in with my grandmother (my fathers mother) for a short but sweet visit she had not yet met our little cutie so it was much awaited. I always treasure time spent with her. She has a very sweet and kind personality which makes you never want to leave. I love her!.

The ride home was a little more exhausting with a lot of traffic and a flat tire warning but we survived and made it home. After eating dinner from our favorite Chinese takeout we headed straight to our beds for the night. There was lots to be done (laundry, unpacking and stocking up our fridge) but it would have to wait till the next day when we were more rested.

We were sad to leave but it's nice to be back home and back to the daily routines.

 I am really excited to get back to blogging. So stay tuned for some new recipes, makeup product reviews and perhaps something even a little different. I am not strictly food and beauty I'll just say that.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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