Smashbox Product Review: Photo Op Eye Shadow's

Today I am going to review some Smashbox eyeshadow trio's for you. Why do I do product reviews? I don't get paid to do them. I was thinking about this recently as I organized my constantly expanding collection of makeup. I realized that when I first started getting excited about makeup (when I was 12) there wasn't really any product reviews or anyone telling me what products to buy and what to leave. I used to walk up the block to the local CVS and spend all of my camp counselor money on makeup products. I found a lot of great products that until today have stayed in my collection of favorites. I also wasted alot of $ on items that were total garbage. I could've used some help. Only within the past few years have I discovered the high end makeup world which has some amazing items. Those can get really expensive though. And that is the beauty of product reviews which have started to pop up everywhere more recently! All you have to do is type a product name into google and you have the information at your fingertips. So I am hoping that by discussing specific cosmetics and beauty products in depth and voicing my honest opinion I can help others. Whether you are first building up your makeup collection or if you just want to get some new really decent products it's easy to read up before purchasing. I have tried a lot of makeup since those younger days and I continue to add products to my collection as a makeup artist and with my constant curiosity. I started reviewing products from Smashbox cosmetics recently here on the blog as I have just discovered them. Alot of their products I have found to be not so great and I would say not to spend money on but there are also loads of amazing ones that I found from them as well! I will continue to try out and research their products and then tell you what I think as I find the ones I like and the ones I don't like as much so you can be wary of them. Obviously it is just my opinion. What works really well for one person sometimes does nothing for the next. I will continue discussing some of my favorite and least favorite products from the drugstore and some from the higher end category like Mac, Bobbie Brown, Nars, Laura Mercier etc.

Here is another Smashbox review of some of my new favorite eye shadows. The photo op eye shadow trio's.  I don't know if these are some of their newest products but I recently tried them and I am so happy I did. I have wanted to review them for a while but I like to really try things and test them over and over before saying what I think of them. For those of you who read my blog often you know that some of my all time favorite eye shadows are wet and wild and those cost $4 at the drugstore. These are extremely similar. The only difference is that I have always found that the wet and wild ones are extremely crumbly and create alot of fallout and these smashbox ones don't get all over like that. Also the smashbox ones are definitely a lot more pigmented. But for the price on those wet and wild ones you are getting an amazing product. So I recommend both of those but here's what I think of the Smashbox ones:

-In general I find that the packaging on their products are a little more junky looking but they do hold up well. I noticed that all of their packaging is travel friendly though and mostly smaller- meaning less packaging and more product. These specific eyeshadows come in similar packaging to the smashbox blush rush's.

- The color payout on these things are crazy! They are extremely pigmented. I have found that some eyeshadows I've purchased from other brands in the past tend to change colors or get a little more saturated once they when they are applied in the morning till late night. They also come with quite a bit of product which means that they will last.

-They are a little sparkly. But not too much that it gets everywhere and creates chunks of glitter on the outsides of your eyes (my worst nightmare!)

-They come with three colors, hence their name. A lid color, a crease color and a highlight color. Which is exactly what you need for that beautiful eye look. It also makes it easier for those who are newer to applying eyeshadows.

-They blend beautifully.

-There are 16 different choices for these trio's. I really like that because you are bound to find one or two that will look really good with your eye color or for what you need it for.

-There is only one thing I dislike and it's really more of a  general thing about all high end products. These trio's cost a whopping $28. In my opinion that is way too expensive even if they are really good quality. So although I would love to own more of these in all different colors I don't know how fast I would purchase more.
I own 3 at this point. Head shot- neutral every day colors,  Dark Room- dark colors for smokey eyes and Develop- greens and purples look great on my brown eyes! 

Head Shot

                                                                     Dark Room



Alrighty. So I hope this product review will be helpful to anyone looking for new eyeshadows that look as great on as they do in the packaging. Treat yourself to one of these! You will not be disappointed. 

 Have a beauty product you are looking to try but not sure if you should? Comment below. Perhaps I have already tried the product and I would happily review it for you!

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