Makeup Tip of The Week: Mascara Tricks and Tips

Most women love mascara and It's usually a pretty important staple for an every day makeup look. There's a very good reason for that- mascara takes an eye look to the next level easily. There are so many different types of mascaras with different purposes which are sold everywhere. There's lengthening, volumizing, thickening and waterproof. They come in lots of different shades as well- black, brown, navy and even more colorful sparkly shades for a funkier look.

Pro's make applying mascara look easy. But putting on mascara without getting it smudged everywhere (escpecially when your in a rush) can be quite a job. Water proof mascaras are really great when you are going to be in a humid sweaty place or if you are going to be at an emotional event. They usually have great staying power which makes them pretty tough to remove if they have smudged onto your face. And after applying all of your face products and that perfect eye look a mascara smudge could be very frustrating!

So how can you get that luxurous lash look with the perfect amount of volume, length and color while seperating the lashes at the same time and avoiding smudges?

 Here's a couple of tricks to give you an easy time when you are applying your mascara.

Start by curling your lashes every time to avoid damaging them. Use the curler at the base of the lashes holding it for a few seconds as you lift the lashes up. Make sure the lash curler you are using is wide enough to cover your entire lash line.

Then  you are ready to apply mascara. Use an old credit/debit card, business card or any other card of that style and press it lightly against the upper lashes. Keep it very close to the actual lash line covering the lid above completely. Apply mascara on the underside of the lashes from base to tip brushing the wand up against the credit card. Wiggle it a little as you apply to seperate the individual lashes. I like the blackest black color because I feel it makes my eyes stand out best. You can go with brown for a more natural look. Apply your first coat and allow it to dry. You can add a second or third coat now which will give your eyes a more intense dramatic look. Using that card method You should get those long full lashes without getting mascara everywhere.

-If you don't have a card handy, lift the center of the lid underneath the brow area with your ring finger which will lift the eyelid up away from the lashes. At the same time apply mascara from root to tip gentlly, carefully avoiding touching any of the eyelid or skin.

Applying Mascara doesn't have to be a hard task. Avoiding clumps and getting that perfectly defined eye look can be simple. Try these tips and see how it works for you.

Hope this was helpful! Do you have some makeup tips or tricks that make things easier? Comment below I love to hear from readers!

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