Makeup Tip of the Week: Keeping Eyeliner From Smudging On The Waterline

Something that a lot of women struggle with when applying eyeliner is keeping it from smudging. Especially on the waterline. And I have had that same trouble many times. I have tried different eyeliners and techniques and have found a few things that work for me to keep the eyeliner in place for hours.

So here's some quick tips for you:

1) If you have a more oily or sweaty eyelid, then you'll want to start by drying the waterline lightly with a q-tip.

2) Before applying liner or any product to the lid start with a eyelid primer and after priming your entire lid like you usually would, take a little and put it under your lower lash line. Blend it in and let it set. It'll help provide a barrier between the eyeliner and the under eye area.

 2) Find an eyeliner that works for you. Some of the ones that work well for me are:

A) A Kohl style pencil liner. They are truly some of the best for intense color that stays! They slide right on and dry to a formula that usually won't budge. Lots of companies make them. Mac Smolder Eye Kohl and Loreal Intense Liquid Liner Pencil are two that I really like. 

                                                                               Mac Smolder Eye Kohl

B) A gel liner. Just make sure that the one you choose is safe for your waterline since some can irritate. Gel liner can be applied with a small liner brush and depending how good the quality of the product is it should not move around at all after it's applied. My favorites are Mac's Blacktrack Fluidline and Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner. I have not tried Bobbie Browns gel liners but I heard they are great as well.

                                                                         Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner

3) If you chose to use a pencil liner, apply it to your waterline. Let it set for a minute and then take a small pencil brush with a matte powder of similar color and run it over the liner. This will  help set the liner even more to stay all day just like using powders to set liquid foundations or cream blush etc.

These are just some things that work for me. If you see that something is just not working and your eyeliner smudges you may want to switch it up a little. Try a new liner or technique and see what works well for you.
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