Kitchen of The Month & Cool Kitchen Product Picks

     I love beautiful kitchens. My kitchen at this time is at the center of my apartment. I love to cook and the kitchen has the best lighting for makeup so it's my most used room.  I constantly am in search of kitchen ideas and looks. I can't wait to design my own one day. My dream is to find some beautiful kitchens and derive inspiration from them to create a beautiful masterpiece with bits and pieces that suit my personality. Some people collect stamps, others old coins, I am a magazine clipping collector. I rip out bits and pieces from many different magazines and compile them in one folder or box  and seperate them into categories- makeup looks, fashion ideas, kitchens, cool kitchen products, recipes etc. I pull them out from time to time when inspiration is needed. With my new iphone I have discovered pinterest- an online pinboard. It's great for my paperless collection. Of course my large magazine clip collection remains!  From time to time I spot a picture of a kitchen with detailing that gets me really excited- the lighting, the island, a fruit basket, the colors, the cabinetry etc.

So I've decided to choose a kitchen of the month from now on. A kitchen that says my name on it in one way or another.

The kitchen above is the kitchen of this month of March! It's one I found on pinterest. You can click Here. to see it's source. It has a really nice Outdoorsey- Rustic feel to it. My favorite details are the lighting- the three box hanging lights are so beautiful, the cabinetry- simple but what gorgeous color, and the island with a little shelf on it's side for cookbooks, wines and other items to display (Not for when there's little kids running around though! :) )  Do you like this kitchen? What detailing would you take from it if you were designing your own kitchen?

Do you have a kitchen that you've recently designed or a picture of your own kitchen that suits you perfectly? Did you clip a kitchen recently for inspiration? Send pictures to me by email. Perhaps your kitchen will be featured in my next months kitchen of the month. :)

And now for some cool kitchen products that I chose. You can easily create a kitchen that suits your personality with some inexpensive decor, tabletop products and kitchen accessories.

Cool Kitchen Product Picks

All from
Twiztt by Joan Lunden 10" Cvrd Skillet w/ Bowl & Cutting Board $60
Colm De Ris Pottery Pitcher with Shamrock Detail -, $61
Mikasa Bamboo Reeds 4-Piece Place Setting , $60
Mikasa Brushstroke 9-1/2" Vegetable Bowl - $40
KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cover with Accessory Pockets - $20
Rachael Ray Stoneware EVOO Dispensing Bottle - Purple - $17
Set of 4 Straining Containers w/ Locking Lids By MarkCharles -$20

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