Favorite Spring Makeup Trend Inspirations 2012

Spring is my favorite season and it has finally arrived!  Blooming Flowers, Bright Sunlight, Chirping Birds, Blades of Grass swaying in the breeze. I just love it all. Time for some of the more spring/summer makeup products to come out, switch over the wardrobes and enjoy some outdoor time with family.

Speaking of makeup for Spring, there are some really amazing makeup trends around now. I am not one to really follow the trends as much personally. I just wear what I'm in the mood of and what I think looks good on me. But some of the more wearable trends can be pretty inspirational for my Spring looks. Here are some of my favorites:

1) Face makeup that is completely natural and doesn't look like you are wearing any at all. This is one of my favorite looks in general. It's flawless, glowing and smooth. This look can be achieved by blending face product of choice (cream foundation, tinted moisturizer, bb cream) into the skin very well. This will give you a sheer, skin - like look as though you are wearing absolutely nothing. At the same, concealing blemishes and imperfections giving you a flawless look.

2) Doll lashes- long, fluffy, sleepy looking lashes. To achieve this look Apply lashes that are a little too long and come out just a little too far on the sides. If you do not want to apply fake lashes a really good lengthening mascara with a thicker formula can do the trick as well. Apply a little extra mascara to the outer lashes. This will weigh the eyes down at the sides giving you a dreamy lash look.

3) Winged Liner- Wether it's just a small flick of liner at the outer corner of the eye or a full out cat eye with funky colored liners it just takes some practice and a steady hand and you will have those beautifuly defined eyes.

4) Smokey Eyes- I feel like smokey eyes are on trend alot. Smokey eyes of all colors and style are always nice! I will be wearing this one alot in all different shades this Spring for special ocassions.
Some other great trends for Spring 2012 are red lips, glittery, sparkly eye shadows, thicker, bolder brows and pink natural looking cheeks.

 Not necessarily my favorites but great just the same.

Which of these trends do you think you may incorporate into your makeup routine this Spring?
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