Easy Treats Made with Challah Dough

It's Thursday and it's pretty close to Pesach (Passover) ! Some of you may have switched over and are busy cooking and baking Pesach food. Lucky for me that I have a very small apartment- very little to clean for Pesach and I will be with my parents and in laws for parts of it! So I am still in Chometz mode and besides for some regular cleaning and Spring closet organizing I won't really be doing any major pesach prep till right before it's here. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my cookies, pretzels, bread, challah and pasta as long as I possibly can! So if you are still baking challahs or making some challah dough for this Shabbos, this is for you. This past weekend I decided to try something different and have some fun with my challah baking. So I tried a few new things with my challah dough. I made my very first 6 braider. Traditionally challahs (bread) are braided with 3 ropes. I had always hoped to eventually learn to make a 6 braider. They come out of the oven looking so nice. But they always seemed to be a lot of hard work. Then I came across a video series which was all about challah on YouTube by Jaime Geller. Jaime is the the writer of the Quick and Kosher Cookbooks- some of the first I ever owned. She is a huge inspiration to me as a blogger, cook, baker etc. and her website is JoyofKosher.com. To read more about her and see her really unique recipes: check out her website and then go check out her Challah Video Series which will help you with every detail of challah baking etc- How to make challah dough, how to braid a 6 braid challah and some other cool things you can make with challah dough. She made the 6 braider seem easy. Not only did I learn to make that  6 braid challah I also got some inspiration for some easy treats!

We enjoyed our Challah so much as usual. After a long while of trying different Challah recipes and figuring out what kind of challah we like we have finally come to a final easy recipe that we really love! Click Here to see my Challah recipe which is the one I used for all the baking in this post. You can use your own Challah recipe or Jamies challah recipe as well.

A few hours after Shabbos is over we are usually really hungry again. We usually make a snack like macaroni or get pizza or make mozzarella sticks anything small, easy, fun to make and delicious to eat. I am a firm believer in enjoying what I eat on the weekends and not counting the calories. But strictly weekends! 

So this past weekend we saved a little challah dough Saran wrapped in the refrigerator to make some yummy treats that Jamie showed in her videos:

 these cinnamon buns with a sweet glaze

  And these savory Garlic knots.

The coolest part is that they were all made from Challah dough!  So for this Shabbos go check out her clips for details on how you can make these simple yummy treats before pesach comes along...it's almost here!

 Hope you are enjoying these wonderful first days of Spring! Look out for some exciting new very Spring-ey posts to come! 

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