What is True Beauty?

This blog is all about beauty (and food :)) I feel like there is so much beauty in this world. All around us. What is true beauty? With all the makeup, fashion and accessories out there it's sometimes hard to find true beauty. Let's take a moment and step away from makeup, trends and all that outer beauty that people can get so caught up in. I hope you can take a little inspiration in this and make this world a better even more beautiful place. And when I say this I am talking to myself as well because no one is perfect and I definitely am not a perfect finished product.

There are so many definitions of true beauty. Here some things that I think are truly beautiful:

Nature is truly beautiful! It's what makes the earth around us so lovely to live on! It cannot be missed.

Sharing, caring and giving are what make you a beautiful person inside!


Giving Charity to the poor, Visiting the elderly and ill or just putting a smile on someone's face who was feeling down are all acts of kindness that will make you more beautiful on the inside and that is true beauty!
           Confidence and self respect make you the beautiful person you are:

 Loving yourself  and being confident will help you achieve true inner beauty. Regardless of what anyone thinks you have to always know that you are beautiful, smart and amazing! Be yourself and you will be beautiful. Be different. It doesn't matter what color shoes you wear,  how expensive your clothes are or what your skirt size is. Those trivial things do not define you. It is what's inside that matters! Love and respect yourself and others will love and respect you as well. But everything has a limit don't love yourself so much that you overlook other important people in your life and try not to judge others. Everyone is their own individual person just like you are. 
Those are some things that I feel define true beauty but it really is everywhere. You do not have to look hard to find it. Just look outside at the beautiful nature- trees, flowers and birds all really beautiful. There are so many kind people in the world who dedicate their time to helping people and making people feel happy. I strive to be like them as that is true inner beauty. Loving yourself and others is also so important. When it is achieved there is true beauty.

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