Makeup Tip of The Week: Tips To Have Your Makeup Last For Any Ocassion:

You've spent a little while in front of the mirror applying that perfect look. Maybe it's just for a day at work, or your off to a wedding, perhaps it's erev shabbos or erev yom tov. Whatever the occasion is you want that look that you put hard work into to really last you. So how can you ensure that your makeup stays put for hours at a time?

Here are my tips from my own experience and as a makeup artist that have worked for my clients:

1) The base is the first most important thing when it comes to keeping your makeup on. Preparing the skin before makeup application is the first step that cannot be avoided! You will want to start with very clean smooth skin. If you have oily skin use your favoite cleanser and then de-shine product to start. If you have very dry skin you will want to use your favorite heavy moisturizer before starting because it can really effect how long your makeup will last. If you have combination skin do those steps only in the areas that need it. For example if your nose tends to be oily and the rest of your face pretty normal then just take care of that area first and continue on or if you have dry spots in certain areas you will want to moisturize just those areas before starting makeup application. For normal skin use your cleanser or a makeup wipe to just freshen the face before starting. For any skin type spray your face with a bottle with some water in it and let it dry. Mac and Makeup forever sell sprays too you can use these to prepare but plain water is fine too. These are just the basics. I will cover the details of skin care a different time.

2) Use a primer! Proffessional painters know how important it is to prime a wall before laying down the first coat of paint which is just like using a primer before makeup application.  What do primers do? they ease application and are meant to create a barrier between your skin and any products you may be applying- foundations, concealers etc. A good primer will keep the foundation from filling into fine lines and caking on the face. Primers also protect the products that you've applied from sweat and oils your skin  may emit.
It seems like an extra expense for no good reason. Alot of people just figure they'll use their mosturizer and it'll be fine.  But you do need a primer in fact it's one of the most important items to have in your makeup bag/kit it goes one step further then any moisturizer. At this point almost all the makeup company's make them. You can even find some at the drugstores. To name a few- Mac Prep+Prime Skin Makeup Forevers's HD Microperfecting Primer  , Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ,  e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face PrimerBenefit the Porefessional

 Try one and you will see why they are important. Some are formulated alot like moisturizers and others are moreof a clear gel consistency. Just apply it gently into all the areas of the face and bring it down onto the neck.

3) Setting your foundation and under eye concealer is the next step. Once you apply your favorite foundation and under eye concealer take a little of your favorite setting powder on your powder brush and pat it all over the areas that product was applied.
4) Then Prime your eyelids before applying eyeliner eyeshadow or any other eye products check out my post about eyelid primers here .

5) Lip products really very so it's hard to say a general statement about how to keep them all on but heres a few tips to keep almost all lipsticks on. Start by applying a lip liner and outlinig the lips completely. Even if its a nude color it will help the lipstick stay on. Then blot the lipstick ligtly with a tissue before going out. There are some lip setting laquers that you can buy but they dont work well for everyone.

6)  Last step is to set the makeup with a setting spray. To name some- urban decay, skindinavia and model in a bottle. Hold a few inches from your face close your eyes and spray it all over your face. Don't worry it won't ruin your makeup. It'll really help. You can have someone spray you if you want to make sure it'll be really even.  

Try adding these few easy steps to your makeup routine and you will see how much it'll help keep it on. No laying on your back when sleeping on Shabbos and no having to re-apply makeup at a wedding in the powder room.

Do you have some tricks of your own that help keep your makeup on? Comment below!

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