Product Review: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

I have been reviewing alot of products from the company Smashbox lately. So I am taking a small break. I have loads of other products of theirs to talk about and I'll definitely continue to review the rest of them at a different time. The product in the spotlight today is from the drugstore. It's the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter's. If you didn't know yet, Revlon sells some of my favorite products at the drugstore.

In those long winter months there is a common tendency of dry skin and dry lips for alot of people. Avoiding cracked lips can be easy with lip balms and chap sticks etc. I usually use good old blistex and that does the trick. I've tried lipsticks that have moisturizers in their ingredients but have always ended up with cracked lips anyways. Revlon released their lip butters this winter and I was excited to try them. I finally purchased one in the color 005 sugar frosting- a really pretty light pink color. Here's what I think:

1) The color quality was just ok for me on this one. For a lip butter not bad. I have a pretty light color though and I've heard that the darker colors are a little bit more pigmented and the lighter colors a little more sheer. I will have to see when I get myself some more of the darker shades.

2) They are soft, silky and smooth as butter. They are pretty moisturizing. Not as great as blistex obviously but they work and their pretty. :) They aren't sticky like lipgloss.

3) There is a great shade selection with about 20 colors offered so you are bound to found a color that suits you from light pinks and peaches to dark reds and purply colors.

4) One thing that I really loved was the packaging design. It may not be that important to alot of people but this is one quality I'm a little picky about. It has a pretty quilted pattern on its sides. I also like that the top of the cover is clear so you can see what the color looks like exactly when your deciding what to purchase. There is one thing that bothered me and that is it's a little junky. The cover feels like a light piece of plastic that can just crack easily. 

5) Most lip balms and glosses come right off. For me this one seemed to last a little longer. It's not long wear but it does last pretty well for a lip butter. They can basically be worn as an every day lip gloss/lip balm.

6)  They also smell really yummy and sweet. Like fruit maybe.

All in all, this is a pretty great product. I like the one I purchased alot and I am sure I will be getting some more of these in the other shades.

They are now sold in drugstores all over. They cost about $7. Try will not be disappointed!

This is the color I own called 005 Sugar Frosting.

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