Product Review: My Favorite Lip Glosses- E.L.F. Studio Glitter Glosses

Today I want to talk about an amazing lipgloss that I have been enjoying from e.l.f. ( The funny thing is that I found them by mistake. I made an order a few months ago from their website. When I reciveved my order I saw that they had sent me 3 of their studio glitter lipglosses as an extra to such a large order. So I just put them to the side and never actually used them to begin with. A few weeks later I was in a rush and looking for a lipgloss and ended up using the e.l.f lipgloss and I was wowed. Seriously! And it takes a really great product to wow me. What's even more crazy is that I wear it very often now and I like it much better then half of my more high end lipglosses.

Here's what e.l.f. says about these liglosses: "Dazzle and shine with this intense, show-stopping glitter filled gloss. Infused with light-reflecting micropearls, this non-sticky gloss illuminates lips with sheer brilliance and lots of color. Vitamin E hydrates lips for additional lip-quenching moisture while the precision brush applicator provides the perfect amount of gloss for effortless coverage, everytime."

And here's what I think of them (in no specific order):

1) They aren't sticky! This is very important to me when it comes to lipglosses. I very much dislike sticky glosses that get stuck on hair and clothes etc. But even without being sticky they last on me. After a long day I still have glittery lips. Yes the layer of gloss comes off with my first sip of coffee but the sparkle stays there.

2) No chunky glitters. The glitters are really smooth. You wouldn't even know there's glitter with the way they feel. And as much as I hate sticky glosses I also hate chunky glitter pieces!

3) They have lots of color to them. I think the darker colors have more color to them though. I wear the colors with less color to them over lipstick and the darker colors on their own.

4) They are supposed to have some sort of moisturizing component and I would say they definitely do. I never get dry lips after wearing them. And I feel like they keep my lips moist while I'm wearing them.

5) A pretty good color collection- 11 colors total at this time. Ranging from very light pinks to very dark purples.

6) I think the most awesome thing about these lipglosses and the one thing that cannot be beat is the price- $3.00 for a lipgloss. And just by the way they  can last for months even when using them every day!

There is only one thing that I don't love about these lipglosses but it's more of a generalization for all of elfs products. The packaging is kind of junky. I don't know why but I really like a nice packaging. For the price I can overlook the package though.

The three that I own left to right: twinkle pink, dazzling diamond and fuschia fireworks

I don't love all of elfs products but they did really well with this one by me. Check out this lipgloss. I'm telling you that you will love them for sure!

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