My 10 Must Have Makeup Products For Every Day

Most women have a routine for keeping their face looking fresh and for their specific every day makeup routine. Those products that they really love and could never go without having in their every day makeup bag. They work for them and their skin type well. I am going to name you my 10 must have prep for makeup/ makeup products that I like to always have. Please keep in mind this is just my opinion and the products I really love. These products definitely vary from person to person. Also, I am not going to name any specific company's today just the specific category of the product. Perhaps I will go into more detail at a differentt time.

Here they are:

1) Face cleanser or face wipes- I like to cleanse my skin very well at night before going to sleep and in the morning before applying makeup. There are many really great cleansers and face wipes out there and I feel like skin care is very important for that achieving that flawless makeup look. 

2) Moisturizer- I don't use it every day but it's something that never leaves my bag. I use it alot during the winter when the cold weather dries out my skin in patches around my nose and in other areas. I use it after patting my face dry from cleansing and I let it sit for about 5 minutes to soak into the skin before moving on to the next step of my makeup application. My favorite ones are from the drugstore so this does not need to get expensive.

3) Face Primer- Click  HERE to read about  face primers and why their so important. I apply this before applying any face makeup. I use it to create a barrier between my skin and my makeup to keep the makeup on and keep it from caking.

4) Eyelid Primer- Click HERE to read my post all about eyelid primers. I apply this before putting on any  eye shadows. It keeps the shadows from creasing and helps them stay on all day.

5) A concealer (or foundation)- to cover dark circles and any other small imperfections or redness. I like one that brightens so that I look more awake as well. I usually don't apply foundation unless I am going out at night or to a special event.

6) A setting powder- to set any cream or liquid products that I applied. This way the concealer doesn't come off half way through the day. Also the powder helps smooth out the face and even out it's color.  

7) An Eyeliner- gel, pencil or liquid. If I could choose only one product it would be eyeliner. Although I do not wear it every day it is my favorite makeup product in the world. 

8) A natural matte eyeshadow quad- with creams, pinks or browns. I would then run the brown powder through my eyebrows as well.

9) Blush. If there is one product that really makes you look awake it is blush. It gives color to the face so for me this product is one I cannot avoid. I usually wear a very light pinkey or peach for every day so it's just a pop of color but not overdone.

10) Lipgloss. Once I have something on my lips I feel like the whole makeup look comes together. I don't wear lipgloss every day sometimes I put on some lipstick or even just a little blistex to keep my lips moisturized in the cold weather.    

Those are my 10 must have makeup products for my every day makeup look. What are your favorite makeup products that you "cannot live without" ?

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