Makeup Tip of The Week: Organization and Storage

From time to time my makeup collection gets a little out of hand and needs to be organized. As of now I have a very large collection and very little space to store it. You can never be too old to dream. I dream of an entire room set aside just for my makeup or a studio for my makeup work. One day! In the meantime, I have my big train case with all my makeup set up just for clients etc. And then I have a few smaller cases with the makeup in it organized by product type which sits on my dresser. Nevertheless, I always enjoy seeing other peoples collections and ideas for storage to keep organized!

So whether you have a large amount of space or very little space like me there is always a solution for keeping your makeup organized. It will be really helpful at all times and  it will really be helpful when your in a rush. You will be able to quickly pull out that much needed lip gloss or eyeliner.

Keeping the products clean is also very important.  So purchase a sanitizer. Its not too expensive and it will keep all your makeup products (powders and pencils)  clean and void of bacteria. My favorite is "beauty so clean" sanitizer you can get it at or

Also, keep your brushes clean constantly as well. Read all about cleaning your brushes HERE .

 Here are some cool storage ideas for those of you who just want to switch it up or have a collection that needs some organizing:
                Clear cubbies like this one with drawers are great for lipglosses, lipsticks and other round products that roll around                      

             A clear desk pencil and office product holder is good for larger products or ones that need to stand up. Plus these things are made for desks they can easily fit in a corner on your dresser.

                       I've seen alot of these homemade magnetic boards for makeup lately isn't that just an adorable idea? You can make a pretty background to match the room it's in etc. Love it!                                                           

Do you have an empty dresser drawer?  perfect! Add in these little bins (which can be bought in many drugstores) for easy makeup storage.

A case like this is really meant for freelance makeup artists or professionals who travel alot but who says you can't have this at home to keep your own makeup organized?
Go to to see lots of cool cases and bags for makeup organization. These are easy for travel and don't take up too much space. Plus they can fit so much makeup!

 For those of you who don't have much space. These pencil case or binder like cosmetic cases are cute and easy to keep around. You can keep them on your dresser or under the bed etc.

Hope this was helpful to you in your makeup storage and organization!

How do you keep your makeup organized? I would love to hear your comments and ideas!

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