Makeup Tip of The Week: Makeup Brush Must Haves and Their Uses

Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend and a nice start to the new week! It seems that I completely forgot to post a makeup tip of the week last week. I had so much to post and just didn't even realize it till now. I hope this one can make up for that. I got a request to do a post all about types of brushes that are needed and what they are meant to be used for.
There are hundreds and thousands of brush types of all shapes and sizes from different companies all over the world. You do not need to purchase or have all of them in your every day bag. Just some basic ones will easily do the trick.  So which ones should you buy and what are they used for? Keep in mind that everyone has preferences of what style brushes to use and what to use them for but no matter which ones they are if they are of good quality and apply makeup well then it's just fine. The ones that make the big difference in your makeup application are the ones you want to hold on to, re-purchase and keep handy. There may be company names or numbers on the brushes pictured. I am not telling you which companies to buy it's all about what works for you budget wise etc. It's just for the purpose of showing you the style and what it should be used for.  Here are some brushes that I think are most important to have in your makeup bag:

Face Brushes:
1) Foundation Brush- These are two of the most commonly used brush style for applying liquid foundation or tinted moisturizers. One is the flat kind and the other is more rounded. They both apply foundation for a heavier coverage that still looks natural and even. There are many other foundation brushes but I feel like these are the best of them style wise.

The beauty blender and foam diasposable wedges like these are easy to use and can help to create a lighter coverage look that seems natural and airbrushed.

2) A Concealer Brush- You can go for a smaller brush which can be used to conceal small blemishes and discolorations and is easy for getting into smaller areas and conceal. The smaller one can also double as a lip brush. Or you can go with the larger one to conceal and correct general larger areas or under the eyes. Both of these types of brushes can be used to blend concealers and correctors into the skin seemlessly.

3)  a Face Powder Brush- its charecteristics should be- large, fluffy, dome shaped and soft haired. It is used for applying transclucent loose powder or pressed powder to the areas where liquid products like concealer, foundation and tinted moiturizers have been applied to set them and keep them in place for a long period of time.

 4) A smaller powder brush- the first of these two brushes can be used to brush blush, bronzer and highlighter onto general areas and can even be used for setting liquid products with transclucent powders if a smaller brush is preffered. The second can be used for contouring and applying blush into more specific areas with more of a precise angled end to be swept into the hollows of the cheeks and over the cheek bones gracefully.

Eye Brushes:

1) A flat shader eyeshadow brush- can be used to lay down color on the lid. A larger style like the one on the left can be used if you have larger lids. A smaller style like the one on the right can be used for smaller lids or for getting a more precise color down. You can also use both when applying shadow to the li using the larger one for laying down the color all over the lid and the smaller one for a second color that would be applied to the crease area. Both brushes can be used to apply the browbone highlight color as well.

2) A Crease shadow brush- for precise eyeshadow placement or for blending color into the crease to accentuate and create depth .

3) A blending brush- for blending all the eyeshadow colors together to finish the perfect eye look.

That's about 7 brushes/tools in total that I think are essential for any makeup kit. Slowly build up a collection of your own. It won't cost you too much and the good quality ones can last you for a really long time if you take good care of them. For some information on taking care of your brushes click HERE.

Here are some brush extras: 
Some Extras

1) A lip brush-  if you already have a smaller concealer brush you can just use that since they are so similar.  A lip brush is used to apply lipstick and can be used for high definition lining of lip shades, correction work and around corners of mouth. It can also be used to blend out lipsticks creating a nicer finish then when applying it straight from the tube.

2) An Eyebrow brush- used to groom and direct brows while applying powder color to fill in sparse areas and create a more defined eyebrow shape.

3) a Brush cup and Holder- great for dirty brushes kept on the side to be cleaned or carrying brushes easily when traveling.

4) the Dry and Shape System by Sigma- I dont have one so I can't really review it but it's supposed to be really cool. Its a drying station for brushes that drys them quick and keeps them in shape while they dry.
5) a Pencil Brush for lining the lower water line with powder products or smudging eyeliner with shadow for a smokey eye effect.
6) Angled eyeliner brush- can be used to apply gel or liquid liner with ease.

I hope this was informative and will help you out when you are shopping for brushes!

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