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Some women dream of shoes and clothes. I dream of Kitchens. I am sure all of you have a dream house in that dream neighborhood with all your perfect dream inventions. My dream is to have a beautiful kitchen. Don't get me wrong I love shoes and clothes and I do have an ok workable kitchen now. But I can dream right? One day I will actually buy a house and my dream will become a reality. (I hope :) ) For those of you who love to cook like me I am sure you would love a kitchen modeled the way you want it.

Here are some really cool kitchens I found on pinterest during my daydreams:

A White Modern! different and interesting!

Outdoor Kitchen!

                                                    I love that balcony overlooking this kitchen!

                                                                          So colorful!

                                    Purple! For a kitchen...nah not for me but it is pretty cool!

                                            I like the island in this kitchen it's organized and stylish

                                                 Kitchens with big windows are so pretty!

 Do you dream of kitchens? Send me some pictures of your dream kitchen! I love ideas!

Not building a new kitchen anytime soon? Don't worry neither am I. But we can dream right? Here's some ideas to spice up your kitchen for now:
Spice Up Your Kitchen  

Spice Up Your Kitchen by gigikkitchen on

RSVP Onion Goggles, Pink Frame | Chef Tools
$20 -

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