Deli Meat Salad with Red Wine Mayo Dressing

I really like a good salad. This one is great for dinner with something on the side or even to take for lunch with a little dressing in a small container on the side or in a sandwich. I've made and eaten many different deli meat salads. This one is very unique with the spicy curly fries in it. It may seem a little strange but trust me it is amazing! My favorite is salami but turkey, pastrami or any others can be used. Also I tend to use the kind that is suction packed and already sliced up at the grocery. You can buy the cubed type from the deli counter though. My inspiration for this recipe was found in a food network magazine. I get alot of inspiration from that magazine. It was a recipe with pieces of meat and boiled red potatoes in it and I thought this would be a good twist on that. Also, I don't always use baby spinach I just happened to have that in my veggie drawer. You can use romaine lettuce, iceberg or even the bagged salad kind.

-1 Carton Grape Tomatoes, Sliced
-1 Red Onion, Circle Sliced
-2 Cups Baby Spinach Leaves, Torn Up
-1 Cup Ridged Pickles, Chopped in Medium Sized Pieces
2 Cups Seasoned Spirals
1 Package Deli Salami

1 Heaping Tablespoon Mayo
1 Heaping Tablespoon Sugar
1 Tsp Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Tsp Fresh Chopped Garlic (I used Jarred)
1/4 Cup Hot Water
Pinch Salt and Pepper

Put Grape Tomatoes in large salad bowl. Top with Baby Spinach Leaves and pickles. Put to the side. Onion can go in next if you like it raw. Otherwise, saute it in a little oil till browned. Then cut it into medium sized pieces and let it cool before putting it in with the rest of the vegetables. Then, take the deli meat and cut all the slices in half. Lay them out in a baking pan and put them in the oven on 450 for 20 minutes to get nice and crispy. Place the french fries in a baking pan as well and put it in the oven on the same temp but for about  30 minutes. Tear up the baked crispy salami and put it all over the top of the salad in bowl once it has cooled. Take the french fries and top the salad with them once they have cooled as well so as to avoid the spinach leaves wilting. Mix the salad at this point. Then make the dressing. Combine all of dressing ingredients adding the hot water last and then whisking it right away to make a nice smooth consistency. Drizzle dressing over salad once it is plated and ready to be served. Keep the dressing on the side for the rest of the salad that hasn't been served.

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