Product Review: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

I do not wear foundation every day. I do wear it when I'm going out at night or to a special event/ simcha etc. It gives me a better coverage then my normal every day concealer and lasts longer. Also foundation photographs better then concealer. I have tried lots of high end foundations and lots of foundations from the drugstore. In the drugstore category this is definitely one of my favorites. I try lots of different ones but once in a while I go back and pull this one out and I remember why I really love this foundation!

Why do I love this foundation so much?
Heres a few reasons:

1) It gives a nice flawless finish for my combination-normal skin. It doesn't cake, it lasts close to 18 hours and it has great coverage.

2) It has a dewy finish for those that like that and can have a matte finish with a little bit of powder dusted over it.

3) A little goes a long way. I take out a quarter sized amount of it onto my hand and it lasts for my entire face and neck area. That  also means it doesn't run out very quick so I get my moneys worth.

4) It goes for a pretty decent price at the drugstore (Walmart, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Walgreens etc. )

5) There are many different shades to choose from. From very light to very dark shades. There are some with warm tones and some with cool tones. My shade is 220 Natural Beige for Combination-Normal Skin.

6) They also cater to many different skin types from combination to combination-normal skin,  combination-oily skin and combination-dry skin or just normal, oily skin or dry skin. The formulas are in fact different in the different skin type categories. I accidentally bought the one for dry
skin once when I was in a rush and realized it was very different once I started using it because the formula for dry skin didn't blend well for my combination normal skin type..

There are a couple of things that I don't like that much as well:

a) Most foundations that are made more recently come with a pump. This one does not. The same company makes a similar photo ready foundation that comes with a pump. I have never tried it since I loved this one that much. It is very disapointing though because it's hard to get the right amount out and I don't like wasting product. I hope they start making it with a pump! that would be amazing.

b) my only other complaint with this foundation is that it has a strange smell. I didn't even notice for the entire first year that I used it interestingly enough. I was recently reading reviews on different foundations and came across one for this foundation. I noticed that someone had written that the foundation had a strange smell. When I next used it I smelled it and in fact it does have a weird smell. It is a very faint scent but if you compare it to other foundations that have no smell at all or very little smell it may not be very appealing to you. It smells a little like paint or paint thinner. Very strange!

All in all I am very impressed with this foundation. I have used it for over 2 years on and off. I love it! I go back to it alot because I like it so much and it is very comparable to alot of my higher end expensive foundations.

Please note: I am not being paid to review this product or any other products I may review. I really do love this product and I like to give my honest opinion for those of you who need help when shopping for makeup. Also have in mind that this product may not wear well for everyone. Some are allergic to ingredients that others aren't and some have specific skin types that need specific foundations with specific ingredients.

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