Product Review: L'Oreal Paris Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner, 799 Carbon Black

For most women who wear makeup there is usually one important product that is a staple in thier makeup kit. Maybe it's a blush, an eyeshadow or perhaps a lipgloss. It's constantly used, replenished and collected and it's the one product type the perfect makeup look couldn't be without. For me that item is eyeliner. I do not wear eyeliner every day but it is my go-to makeup product. I have found and tried lots of great ones and I continue to enjoy trying out new ones. Liquid, gel, pencils etc. There are alot of eyeliners out on the market now both high end and low end. There are some really great ones and some that just don't suffice I love to experiment with lots of different liners and time and time again I go back to this one because its so amazing!
L'Oreal's Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner has been on the shelves at the drugstore for a while. I have loved it ever since I first tried it. The reason I am just talking about it now now is because I like to try a product over and over again testing it and comparing it to other similar ones before formulating my honest opinion. L'oreal says these liners are smudge resistant, glide on smoothly and are like liquid liner in pencil form. 4 shades are offered (black, carbon black, gray and brown) and they retail for about $8.49 wherever L'oreal products are sold. 

L'oreal wasn't exxagerating with their description of these liners they are really fabulous!  Some other liners that are such a dry formula that they need to be dragged across the lashline can really iritatte and bother. These are not like that. They apply really easily and the point glides smoothly creating the look of liquid liner.  The color is richly pigmented the carbon black is very black which gives an intense, dramatic bold look. It is very comparable to some of the great higher end eyeliners out there- Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil and Makeup Forever's Aqua Liner to  name a few.  They really are pretty much smudge resistant once they set you will need a really great makeup remover to get it off they can pretty much last up to 16 hours!

This pencil is very versatile in creating many different looks:

It can be smudged and blended easily before it drys/sets for a really great smoky eye!
or it can be used to create a thick winged eyeliner look

The setbacks for this liner and my tips : The only real small setback with this liner is with it's extemely creamy texture it can create a really heavy line and smudge all over if your not really careful while applying. To avoid this try to apply when there is time to do so carefully with relaxed steady hands to get a perfect smooth line the way you want it. Also it may be a little smudgy so be careful once it's on not to touch the eyelid until it set and dries. It is pretty smudge proof and long lasting but it isn't completely waterproof. Also for those people with very oily lids this may not be a good liner for you because it is so slippery as it is it may smudge right off. Someone with an oilier lid may want to choose an eyeliner with more of a dry formula.
  Other then that this is by far one of my favorite eyeliners which I wear pretty often.

Have you used this eyeliner before? What do you think of it? What is your favorite eyeliner?
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