Mushroom Quesadillas


Mushrooms and Cheese. Two of My favorite foods! When I go out to eat if something has  mushrooms in it I will most likely choose it. Portabella, Shitake, Plain white mushrooms- love em’  all! This one can be made with all sorts of fillings though. Plain Mozzarella Cheese, Portabella
Mushrooms, Spinach, Broccoli…etc. There are many different tasty options!


-7-10 White Mushrooms
-1 Red Onion
-1 Tsp. Fresh Garlic- Jarred Polander
- A little Salt and Pepper
-1 Bag Cheddar & Mozzarella Mix
-A little Oil For Sautéing Veggies
-1 Package Tortillas

Start by cleaning mushrooms and chopping off stems. Then chop mushrooms into small-medium sized pieces. Then chop up red onion. Put oil in sauté pan. Place veggies, Fresh Garlic, Salt and pepper in next. Sauté till browned. Sprinkle a little cheese on one half of a tortilla. Once mushroom mixture is ready, take it out with slotted spoon (so to avoid getting the juices that the mushrooms exude along with the mixture which will make the tortilla soggy) and put it on top of cheese that has already been put down. Then top with a little more cheese. Fold empty half over the half with the mushrooms and cheese. Press down firmly. Take tortilla carefully and put it in frying pan with whatever oil is left in pan from frying veg.’s. Let it brown on both sides, a little more or a little less to your liking. Once finished cut in half for the wedge appearance. Serve warm.  

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