A Chanuka Gift Guide Series- Part Three: For The Children in Your Life

This is part three of my gift guide series for all the special people in your life.
Before I start with the childrens gift guide I just want to mention quickly that I really don't know who made up the idea that you must give everyone gifts when Chanuka comes. That'll cost a fortune and if you have a big family and a really large amount of friends it'll be so hard to get everyone gifts. I am a big fan of giving birthday gifts because that is that specific persons special day and you will be able to really think into it and give them something they will really apreciate. I did get gifts for some of my family for Chanuka this year but I really didn't go crazy. I also think that Chanuka is so much more important in the gift giving aspect for the children so if gifts are being given they should be given to the kids. These parties and gifts are the memories they will cherish forever. Holiday time is for familys to get together and spend time together so don't forget Chanuka isn't all about what gifts you get and how expensive they were. A friend of mine was telling me that in their family they give small gifts but it's really fun in the way that they do that- before chanuka everyone picks a name out of a hat and they buy a small $2-$5 gift that has something to do with the actual person. For example if one of them tends to get headaches alot a small bottle of tylenol or for someone who gets heartburn a lot a mini prilosec bottle. For a young girl who likes hair products- a mini shampoo or some hair clips etc. etc. It's cute and can be funny. Then they go around the table and give the gifts to their person and everyone opens it up and they discuss why they got it. That way everyone gets a gift and noone has to empty their bank for it and it's fun! What a great idea!

On to the childrens gift section of this series:

1)                                For a Child Birth-12 Months    

Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks

I think this is a great idea for a baby birth-12months old. When their really small they can chew on the big blocks as a teething toy or rattle them around, play with them in the bath etc. Once they start sitting up they can start sorting them and learning about shapes. It's a great toy to keep them busy while it's also educational and it can be for either gender child.

Diapers.com $9.99

2)                                   For a child 12-24 Months

 Fisher-Price Lil' Zoomers Rockin' Roll Truck

My son will be 2 in January. We bought this toy for him when he was prob 13 or 14 months. It is still one of his favorites! He play with the big and small trucks seperately and together. They have a ball on top of them that spins and he loved rolling that when he was littler. The bigger truck has an on and off switch for music. My son loves that! When the toy is rolled it play the music and when the orange side bar is pushed downwards the music also goes off. The great part about the on and off button is that it doesnt run out of batteries as quickly, it can be shut off when it starts to annoy the adults to be played with without the music and it won't go off in the middle of the night when stepped on accidentaly.The little orange gate at the back of the big truck can be put up or down so that they little one can roll out of it or sit inside of it with the gate closed. We love this toy. I am sure your 12-24 month old will love it as well.

Toys R Us.com $15.99

3)                                 For the 2-3 Year Old Child

Little Tikes Garden Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower

My son loves bubbles! This is such a cute idea for a kid his age. When using the regular bubble bottles with wands the parents hands tend to get really sticky. This is a great toy for kids to do it on their own. Love how it looks like one of those leaf blowers that landscapers use so they feel like their big!

Toys R Us.com $22.99

4)                                       For the 3-4 Year Old Child

Hexbug Bridge Battle Set

 This toy is great because it comes in pieces that the child can build and put together. It comes with a nano-  robotic creature that behaves like a real bug and scuttles around the bridge structure that they built.

Amazon.com $37.76 

5)                                     For the 5-7 Year Old Child

Razor S Scooter - Clear
This scooter is great for this age. The "S" Scooter features adjustable handlebars, 98mm urethane wheel with ABEC -5 bearings, patented rear fender brake, patented folding mechanism; which makes the scooter easy to fold and carry. It is perfect for kids outdoor fun!

Toys R Us.com $39.99 

6)                                      For the 7-9 Year Old
         Lazer Stunt Chaser Dragon Fire Remote Control Vehicle - Red/ Green

Engage in racing action and perform mind-boggling flips and stunts with the Lazer Stunt Chaser Dragon Fire Remote Control Vehicle. Using Light Control technology, the car automatically chases after the light you project on the floor. The unique dual-sided design allows the car to keep running when the car flips over, and the ultra-cool light-up rims change color upon flipping. The Chaser includes a four-in-one stunt ramp for more exciting racing action and stunt abilities. This 1:32 scale car has a performance range of up to 40' and a scale speed of up to 300 mph, and two transmitter settings allow for racing two cars at the same time for double the fun.

ToysRUS.com $39.99

7)                                               For the 10-12 Year Old                         

Harry Potter Paperback Boxed Set (Books 1-7)  By J.K. Rowling

I began reading these books when they came out. I must have been about 12. These books are a favorite in my family! We would sit around on the couch as and listene to them on tape together once the really young kids were in bed and we would pre-order from amazon  when they were about to come out and wait in trepidation for the order to arrive. Then they would be passed around from oldest to youngest. So I usually got it 4th being the second to oldest. My sister reads so fast so it would take her less then a day to finish it. So I usually got it 4th being the second to oldest. These books are written really well!

BarnesandNoble.com $50.85  

8)                                                      For the 12-14 Year Old

      Razor BoGo Pogo Stick

The Bogo Pogo takes fun to a higher level. Thrill to sky-scraping bounces aboard this reinvented pogo stick, launching you higher with patented bow-assist technology developed by Carnegie Mellon University. Features aircraft-grade aluminum and foam-grip handles for powerful, smooth performance. Not your classic pogo! Hop aboard and spring into action.

Amazon.com $69.99

9)                                                          For the 14-16 Year Old

Ihome Dual Alarm Clock Radio for Iphone/Ipod

Does your 14-16 year old have trouble falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning. This ones a great solution for that. They can fall asleep or wakeup listening to music from their own ipod or iphone with this dual alarm clock ihome.

Amazon.com $89.99

10)                                                      For the 17-18 Year Old

Apple® - iPod nano® 8GB* MP3 Player (6th Generation - Latest Model) - Silver

The latest iPod nano features new, larger icons that make navigating the familiar Multi-Touch interface easier than ever. Improved fitness features track your walking and running routine — no accessories required. Plus, you get an integrated FM radio, clock with 16 new faces, and much more. Now priced more affordably than ever.

Best Buy.com $123.49

Chanuka begins tonight! So looking forward! Wishing everyone a Happy Chanuka!
Good luck with all the gift giving and most importantly really enjoy some good quality family time!

Hope this gift guide series was helpful to anyone who needed it.


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