Recipe: Gigi's Gemelli

Here's my latest pasta recipe:

Gigi's Gemelli:

1 Lb Gemelli (pasta)
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
½ Onion Thinly Sliced

2 Cloves of Garlic Chopped Very Small
3-4 Tablespoons White Wine
2 Tablespoons Butter
3 Tablespoons Flour
1 Cup Chicken Stock (parve)
1/2 Cup Milk
Salt and pepper
½ Tsp Nutmeg, Paprika and Parsley
4 Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese
 1Handful of Mozzarella Cheese

1.Cook Pasta in salted boiling water.

2. In sauce pan, Heat olive oil fry up onion and garlic.

3. Add the wine to the onion and garlic and allow the alcohol to cook out- about a minute,

4. add butter let it melt then add flour (keep it on a low flame and mix constantly to avoid it burning)

5. Add milk and allow it  come to a boil and bubble for a few minutes.

6. Drain the pasta and  place it in a large serving bowl.

7. Then season with nutmeg, paprika and parsley.

8. Add parmesan stirring it into the pasta- it'll help the sauce stick.

 9. Lastly add the sauce from the sauce pan along with mozzarella cheese stirring both in.

9.Serve immediately once sauce and cheese have been added.
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Recipe: Hot Potatoes


A great dairy side dish. This recipe is for 3-4 potatoes. I will try to put up a better picture the next time I make it.

Hot Potatoes:

3-4 medium sized Yukon gold potatoes
2 jalapeno peppers
1 small red pepper
1 small onion
A little veg. oil for frying
A little sugar, chili powder and garlic powder, salt and pepper.
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
A handful of shredded muenster cheese

1. Boil potatoes in salted boiling water.

 2. Meanwhile, chop jalapeno, red pepper and onion really tiny and fry them up in a saute pan till the jalapenos are to you liking- keeping in mind that jalapenos become really sweet and less spicy the more you fry them. So if you like them really hot don't fry them. Mild- fry a little and sweet fry till soft and all the way sauteed.

3. Add the spices to the pan in the last few minutes stirring to combine them with the veggies.

4. When potatoes are nicely done but not yet crumbling, cut them in half.
Dig out a hole in one half to stuff with veggies in it leaving the skin on it. Put the other half in a bowl without the skin. Do this procedure with all the potatoes.

4.  Mash the halved potatoes that you put to the side in a  bowl and add the jalapeno mixture, plain yogurt and muenster cheese.

5. Place the potatoes that have their skin still on a greased baking sheet. Put the mashed potato mixture in by spoonful into the hollow space in the potato completely stuffing it up to make it look whole again.

6. Bake in the oven on 350 for 20 minutes. and Serve warm.

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